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[eBay Plus] Crucial 32GB Laptop Memory SODIMM DDR4 3200MHz CL22 PC4 25600 260 Pin RAM $93.55 Delivered @ Gg.tech365 eBay


Crucial CT32G4SFD832A. I was waiting until I could get one locally under $100.
Note: performance is likely to be significantly better with two sticks so consider that (meaning, if you want 32GB total you might be better off with 2x16GB sticks). I have one of these already so getting a second. If you were going to get two, there's a better (~$13) deal on Amazon but ~two weeks shipping from UK:
Crucial 3200 MHz 32 GB Memory from Amazon UK (add two to cart for %11 discount)

Crucial page: https://www.crucial.com/memory/ddr4/ct32g4sfd832a

Specs from ebay listing:
Speed - DDR4-3200
CAS latency - 22
DRAM family - Crucial
Density - 32GB
Brand - Crucial
Module type - SODIMM
Extended timings - 22-22-22
Technology - DDR4
Voltage - 1.2V
Warranty - Limited Lifetime
PC speed - PC4-25600
Kit Qty - 1
Specs - DDR4 PC4-25600 • CL=22 • Dual Ranked • x8 based • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR4-3200 • 1.2V •
DIMM type - Unbuffered

Original Coupon Deal

Thanks to @HomeAlone for better Amazon two-stick deal.

[Update: fixed amazon link to always go to the UK deal I hope.]

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  • Bought one from MSY couple weeks ago for $97

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    If you were going to get two, there's a slightly (~$6) better deal on Amazon but ~two weeks shipping from Germany:

    You can buy 2 individual sticks from Amazon UK for cheaper.

    $97.84 each with 11% discount if you buy 2 which brings the total down to $174.16 ($87.08 each)


    • Ah, cool. I updated the post with this.

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/TEAMGROUP-T-Force-Zeus-3200MHz-PC4…

    real good RAM, and good options. choose CL16 if your system supports XMP, this RAM is super fast. I got the 2x16GB kit and it's a total shocker.

    otherwise CL22 option about same price.

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      That one, CL16 requires 1.35V. If the device supports that, then it's fine. If the device only permits 1.2V, then that kit is coded to do CL22.

  • CL 22 is very slow, just keep that in mind

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      That's pretty standard for devices that use SODIMM seeing as most of them don't support XMP so you're limited to JEDEC.

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        CL20 is within JEDEC. Kingston Fury kits are available with this timing

        • Yeah I was going to mention an alternative in my original comment, but left it out as it seemed unnecessary.

          Here's a 2x32GB kit with CL20 JEDEC timings for $559 if you're willing to spend an extra 220% for a 10% improvement.


          edit: seems the Fury is just a rebranded HyperX

          $289 + shipping with Fury branding instead. Pay an extra ~70% for a 10% improvement?


          • @HomeAlone: I got it cheaper before, from Amazon US. local sellers go wild with anything faster than cl22 because of low demand

  • I only accept DDR6

  • Is this dimm compatible with the Beelink N100 S12?

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    Thanks Op, just grabbed one, make my lappy 64GB (currently 32)!!

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