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PlayStation 5 Disc Console God of War Ragnarok Bundle $699 C&C @ Target


Cheapest price going around $699 at target plus free postage

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Target Australia

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    nice one, cheapest ever?

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      The Amazon deal last week was $697.56 so no.

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        For $3 more you get GOW though.. that other deal was without the game.

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          Oops, you are definitely right!

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          I got it for $597 using the Amex $100 off so worked out cheap for me. Don't want/need GOW.

          • @tightm8: How please?

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              @killabob: I got Sony to price match Amazon $697, then used the Amex $100 off $500 spend.

          • @tightm8: Which Amex card do you use ?

          • @tightm8: Sony price matched for this deal? Did you ask for just a stand alone without the game?

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              @pikapika: No they price matched Amazon's deal for $697, then i paid with amex got a further $100 off.

              Even at $597, i think i paid a fair price for this console… crazy how much it's stayed up in value.

              • @tightm8: Hi @tightm8, do you happen to have the link for the Amazon's deal handy?

              • @tightm8: Did you do that on the day the sale happened on Amazon? I was like 30mins late on that deal and submitted a price match which they knocked me back.

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    By the look of it don’t think there’s much stock, so hurry up!

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      Target employee spotted

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    It may say no stock at your store for cc but I would ring them as when their stock level gets to 2 it will show no stock

    • As I remember Target use to ship from warehouse to your store for you to pick up.

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    People can price match at JB HI-FI and use discounted cards to purchase.

    • discounted cards to purchase.

      What type of cards?

    • JB don't usually price match consoles

      • Why is that? Is it on their price match policy?

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          Because they're sold at a loss

          • @solidussnake: Well if it's not on their price match policy then they should price match. Their loss, our gain.

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            @solidussnake: Console manufacturers sell them at a loss, not retailers.
            The manufacturer makes money back on games and subscriptions - there would be no benefit for a retailer to sell at a loss.

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        I price matched mine with that Amazon deal last week with no issues. :)

      • Stcgf

      • Haha

      • My store did at least, i price matched heaps of consoles for customers.

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      JB refused for me

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        Be more firm. Have they explained the reasoning? I can't find anything in their price match policy that justifies not to price match. Target it's a valid retailer, same exact item the only reason I can think it's if there is no stock around at Target.

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          Their response was "Unfortunately we are not able to price match competitor products with limited or restricted quantities available in stock. This goes against one of the exclusions in the JB price match policy."

          • @ozbagends: Maybe there is no stock near you. The other option it would be to try in-store. I am guessing with this price stock won't last for long at Target.
            It came to my surprise that Target reduced the Playstation 5 GOWR bundle by that much. Does anyone knows the reason? (Not complaining) Is a new bundle coming and they are clearing stock? Rumours say that Playstation 5 Pro will be released in September. Those are just rumours though.

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    Thanks OP - finally pulled the trigger. Never too early for a self Christmas gift 🎁

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      Christmas in July is just around the corner.

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    Thanks op just got one!
    Apparently a great deal as Harvey Norman refused to price match as 'too much below market value'. What am I supposed to do with the HN gift cards I got with Zelda TOTK, any ideas? 😆

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      This is why I basically consider Harvey Norman gifts card bonuses as worthless. You’ll end up spending more just trying to justify using them. I’m sure that’s their marketing teams plan.

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        Yup I will never get them again 😂 not an original aussie and first and last time buying at this store ever!

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      $20 for the TOTK case is good,…

      Otherwise find a game that you want that isn't inflated and $20 will be a good deal

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        that's a good idea thanks :)

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      I swear Harvey Norman doesnt price match anymore since they started saying that market value thing. I couldnt even get them to match 5 bucks off of rrp of an item because of it, then later it went on sale there for much cheaper.

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      Send em to Gerry, I heard he loves hand-outs

    • I tried price matching last deal with HN and they refused. What they say on their website is a bunch of bull that they want the best price for you.

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    Still have not played all the ps4 games I bought. Dont want buy and regret not playing ps5 games. I’ll wait 😏

    • Same here, have a huge backlog of ps4 games so I'm going to wait a bit more before jumping to a ps5 (besides, you never know when a jailbreak might become available)

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      I use my PS5 mainly for my PS4 backlog, it's a lot quieter than my PS4 was, nicer UI, plenty of games have graphical upgrades/4K patches for PS5 like Horizon and Last of Us

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        This the way

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        I think the usability of the UI is a downgrade from the PS4's, but otherwise nice upgrade.

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      Bought the exact bundle from Amazon not long ago for $799, haven't played it yet… so yeah you're clearly wiser than me.

      • Convincing myself to not to buy until this goes out of stock. Holdddddd

    • I've only got 1x game on my PS5 i bought outright (Gran Turismo), the rest is just a mix of PS5/PS4 titles I grabbed off the PSplus extra catalogue and the monthly games they give out.

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    Amazon API, do your thing

  • Isn't this below a standard PS5 console price ? Or has there a cheaper bundle or console only price ? And which is nicer ps5 vs xbox series x graphics cough street fighter 6 demo is out to try which console to choose :) ?

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      A PS5 disc console has only been $2 cheaper by itself in the past, if you were looking for a PS5 I would buy this even if you have zero interest in the game.

  • No delivery option -_- Guess we wait for Amazon to match?

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    Finally .. got one ,, Thanks OP!

    • Where from there is nothing I stock?

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        Target – Glen Waverley

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        It lets you pick any store and they will ship it to them in 5 days

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    Sony won't price match to save someone time

    • Awe nuts. I was going to try that. Did they say why?

    • they dont have Gow bundle anymore

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        Yes I did try
        Shayne 07:08
        Hi Sam, we do understand that you want to match the price. However, on our price match terms and conditions we can only match exact models and variation with the item on the retailer.

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          Darn. Thanks for sharing the answer though. Appreciate it.

        • I price matched Sony for the amazon deal yesterday, for some reason, they gave the HFW bundle version and got the sony amex cashback for another $100.

          • @Taro Milk Tea: What amazon deal yesterday? I didn't see anyone post that hete.

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              @pikapika: woops I meant the last week's one!

              • @Taro Milk Tea: Oh phew..haha! I thought I missed out again xD But that's great they gave you a bundled console :D

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                  @pikapika: Sony has the HFW bundle in stock but that wasn't the Amazon deal last week just just the console stand alone, hopefully Amazon does something:)

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                  @pikapika: Yeah I think that was an error from their side, I thought they would not honor it but it got shipped already…so all good! :D

                  I guess it will not be long again for another ps5 deal, since its almost EOFY.

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                    @Taro Milk Tea: True it is almost EOFY. Just trying to take the Amex deal as well at the same time. But time is running out :(

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                      @pikapika: Same haha keep me posted only 9 days left

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                        @bansharkfin: Really not very long :( Almost just want to order now and be done with it haha

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                          @pikapika: Yeh still worth price matching from Sony to somewhere else just so we can get the $100 amex off it will still come down to $697 :/

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                            @bansharkfin: This will most likely happen. Just hoping State of Play will bring some discounts perhaps.

                            • @pikapika: Last day of amex offer and I couldn't lock in a Sony price match deal :(

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    Better deal but can't bring myself to buy a pre-slim / non-pro model.

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      Holding back as much as I can since I know it will only gather dust. Still have a backlog of 5 switch games and 8 xbox one games. With D4 coming out soon, I will definitely not have any time

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        I'm impressed your backlog is so small you know how many games you have left to play :O
        Mine is probably over 9000! lol

        • and you owned the 9000 all?

          • @OzComment: Was sort of making a dragon ball z joke but if I added all physical and digital games I own across pc and all consoles then it is probably closer to 6000. I’m slowly working my way through them haha

    • Besides the size, what advantage do you think a slim / pro model would have?

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        Better specs

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          Better power efficiency

      • Slim I would hope slimmer(!), cheaper, less power usage.
        Pro I would hope similar to OG PS5 pricing, more power efficient and a good jump in performance like 50% so it could actually run more games at 4K 60.

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          Haha ain’t no way the pro if there is one isn’t $999. Sony knows now that people will pay it since they did with the scalpers unfortunately. Prices only going up from here

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