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Huawei QuickCharge 15w Wireless Charger (w/40w USB Type-C AC Adapter) - Black, $35 ($149 RRP) + Delivery @ Mobileciti


Seems like a good deal and big discount. Had to fill the quota for words.

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    No buy unless it has active microphone that Lauren 24/7

    • nah last time I checked anglo saxon media this huawei wireless charger projects 5G nanobots onto your phone, then goes into your blood stream when you pickup your phone. It also turns into a flying frisbee at night that carries your phone out the window to the nearest Huawei service center to get scanned.

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    Will it be cheaper with new code on ebay

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    Got it for $19 last time, pretty good for the price.

  • Is the supplied AC plug for AUS or China/US configuration?
    Anyone know?

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