expired Alan Wake (Xbox 360) $10 @ Big W


Found this by scanning some games. Alan Wake, great game, for only $10 at Big W.

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    Nice price for a great game. Although this isn't xbox version. Steam is having a weekend sale, selling Alan Wake Franchise for only $10 aswell.

    Franchise include the new American Nightmare + Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras. Not to mention the original game of course.


    Cheap! Which Big W was it at, if you don't mind my asking.

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    If I can find one though :/ the games section is more messy then my 5yr olds room when he "cleans" it, once I get in there looking for something I end up organising whole thing except its sort of weird doing that in store


    I wouldn't go as far to call it great, its linear and repetitive, but for a single play through its well worth $10.


    I got the last one at eastgardens bigw


    Got one from Carindale QLD. Thanks OP.

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    Many people were getting this game from Big W hence the low stock/no stock at all in most Big W stores. Can't people get it from JB Hi-Fi or EB Games by pricematching with Big W so that many others can enjoy this great game at great price? Just saying.

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