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5.5L Sheffield Professional Mixer 1200W - Silver : $109.90 Shipped TODAY ONLY


Hi guys

The misses wanted a mixer for her casual baking and this came up today in the deals direct daily email.

Pretty decent price for a 5.5L planetary motion mixer.

First post long time OzB stalker.
Thought this might please some of the wives out there.

Details below copied and pasted from the website.

Ideal for:
Pizza and bread dough.
Cake mix.
Much more!

Sheffield Professional Mixer
Colour: silver
Powerful 1200W motor, with locking power 1600W
Durable heavy duty housing
Stepless rotary switch control with pulse
Specially slow starting to prevent flour spilling
Pulse operation provides quick start/stop control
6 Press buttons with indicator light
2 Special pre-set programmed functions for flour, egg
5.5L Removable stainless steel bowl for easy operation
Tilting head lift
3 Blades: Mixer/Beater, Balloon whisk and Dough hook
Planetary motion for perfect mixing result

Great gift idea!
Voltage/Output power: 220-240V.

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    First post long time OzB stalker.
    Thought this might please some of the wives out there.

    Giggity!!! :)

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      if only all it took was a mixer to please the wives

  • Been looking for a cheap mixmaster for a while, girlfriend has been using a sunbeam from about 50 years ago. Cost $5 from a garage sale…

    Price looks good, anyone able to comment on performance? Any help would e greatly appreciated not really sure what to look for in a mixer tbh….

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      theres that really popular mixer which costs RRp $799
      forgot the brand

      how do the two compare?

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        She will hate you for not getting a Kitchenaid. Not worth the saving to her I assure you.

        • She has been using a $5 mixer without complaint which doesn't spin, looks ugly as sin, and has one setting (very very high).

          So I suppose anything is an upgrade. Can't justify $600+ unfortunately. I meant within a similar budget (say up to $200) where does it sit on performance/bang for buck.

          After all, I need a new tool box before a $600 mixer!!!

        • If you can pony up a little more you can get a Kenwood Chef for ~$330 from the Good Guys.

          FWIW, that model (KM-330) bears a striking resemblance to my old '70s model that's been powering on for decades.

        • would love to!

          but cant justify the 300% difference at the moment..

        • Yep, I can appreciate that!

  • is this a good brand? is it worth the $100?

  • reviews seem mixed, but looked like some people just didnt know how to use it properly.

    im willing to give it a chance for $109.90.
    cant justify spending the big $$ unless she wants to turn this hobby into a business =P

    she was about to buy a cheapy non planetary motion one on sale at Target for $119, so she will be happy with this.

    • I don't think you can necessarily say that because she was happy with the old one then anything must be better. I had my Mum's old Sunbeam mixer which included a dodgy plug, a beater that was half broken and also only worked on one speed. DH decided enough was enough and threw it in the bin - much to my annoyance. We then went and bought a $400 Sunbeam brand new mixer - which I hated and ended up selling on Ebay. I now have a Kitchen Aid which is great.

      But hopefully it goes well for you and the Sheffield turns out to be great - maybe I'm just super fussy and she's more reasonable :)

  • a little off-topic

    any suggestions for everyday food processor under 300$? 500$?

    otherwise I'll start with buying this mixer at least.

  • Can anyone enlighten me as to what a $600 Kitchenaid does better than this cheap and nasty version? They just mix stuff together right? I wasn't aware that required space age technology.

    I'm not trying to troll, this is a genuine question.

    • Can't comment on artisan model as I have a heavy duty Kitchen Aid.
      Previous mixer I had - you'd tip stuff out and there would be dry ingredients at the bottom. I also use it for kneading bread and it couldn't handle the load. Even just whipping basic liquids it didn't seem to do an even fluffy job.
      And it couldn't handle wholegrain flours at all- just didn't seem to have the strength.
      I'm not sure exactly how they work, but I do know it's more than just the wattage that gives it the strength.
      Then you've got to consider the inner workings - how long are the gears going to last? Are they plastic or metal?

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