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20% off Garage Door Remotes & Car Keys, 30% off Weatherseal, 10% off Locks & More @ National Garage


Hi Ozbargainers!

It's been a hot minute since we last posted a deal, I do apologize for that. I've recently become the creator/owner of a small child that likes to warble the song of his people (at what I consider to be particularly rude hours of the night/morning) and for better or worse, I’m one of his people!

We're launching an EOFY sale across multiple categories / 100+ products, with multiple levels of discount. Links below:

Garage Door Remotes - 20% off, We're also throwing in a car visor / wall holder for free. Limited to the Auto Openers aftermarket remotes (for now).
Replacement Car Keys - 20% off. We're still bringing in new models (60 arriving in two weeks), watch this space!
Roller Door Seals - 30% Off
Anti Water / Mice Seal - 30% Off. This glues to the floor of your garage adn stops the mice plagues from gettting into the garage. This is manufactured in Australia as well, so no easily perished rubber!
Roller Door Locks - 10% Off

As normal, if you good folks have any questions or want to see something discounted, I'll answer and do what I can with the powers that be.

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  • are the CAME remotes authentic or 'replicas'?

    • Grey imports - They're direct from the CAME manufacturing plant, rather than plant to Italy, then to Australian based importer, then us if that makes sense.

  • With this Avanti/Centurion replacement, do I need to program the remote from the motor unit, or can it be cloned from an existing genuine remote? The current one is nearly dead and I intend to discard when the new one works.

  • Any chance of a deal on the ATA PTX-5 remotes?

    • +1

      Unfortunately, those remotes were discontinued last year. It's related to the ACCC button battery compliance laws, basically put, if it uses a lithium battery and doesn't have a screw securing it, it's out.

      We sell the Auto Openers AOTX5 remote, which replaces the ATA PTX-5's.

      We also have the PTX6 garage door remote controls, which is the genuine replacement. The coupon SAVE10 will knock 10% off that price for you :)

  • Is it possible to get just the rubber buttons bit for ATA PTX6v1? Controller shell and electronics are still fine but two buttons worn through :(

  • How do you get 20%off? Is there a code?
    The remote I am looking at at checkout NO 20% off shows.

    • HI mate, we've already marked down the products on sale. We have had issues in the past with folks not knowing where to put the coupon so we've moved to couponless sales. There is a storewide (excluding custom garage doors) 10% coupon, which is SAVE10

      • SAVE10 code is coming up as expired. Can it be reinstated or will there be a new site wide code available?

        • Apologies, should be right to go now :)

  • Hey mate, looking at the MS105MYQ to replace my current motor. 10% coupon says expired, any chance this could be applicable to the motor? Also just confirming that motor comes with a rail and all required fittings?

    • Hi there! The 10% code won't work on the rail motors I'm afraid, the freight cost for these units has ballooned to a point where we're actually evaluating if we'll continue to sell them. The cost of getting a 3.2m rail and powerhead from Albury to anywhere is getting pretty unreal.

  • Is there any way to get the Merlin automatic door lock separately and if so, how much is it? I can only see it included in the Merlin MJ3800MYQ Commander Ultimate Jackshaft Garage Door Opener kit but unfortunately this doesn't fit our garage.

    • Unfortunately, no. I don't believe we can order it separately.

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