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Johnny Walker Swing x2 750ml $149,95 Delivered ($190 value)


2 Bottles of Johnnie Walker Swing for $149.95 Delivered.

They have some other deals below which i don't think are as good value.

Other Deals

$149.95 one Johnnie Walker Green 750ml plus one Johnnie Walker Gold 750ml ($194.98 value)
$199.95 one Johnnie Walker Blue Label 750ml plus two whiskey glasses ($289.95 value)
$549.95 one Johnnie Walker Blue Label 750ml, one Johnnie Walker Green 750ml, one Johnnie Walker Gold 750ml, two 750ml Johnny Walker Swing, plus two whiskey glasses ($674.93 value)

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    Good find! Are these the same whiskey glasses that have been sold with the Johnnie Blue in airports?


      Blue sold out :(

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    awesome deal but why would anyone pay $549.95 for those when if u purchase the other 3 deals seperately it will cost you $500.

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    That middle deal isn't great value, Blue is often on special for $160 and retails for $200. The glasses can't be worth that much!

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      It's even worse value because you are paying for Johnny Walker Blue.


      I bought that deal from Airport duty-free with the same price. Those crystal glasses really worth that much money~!


    It is okay price when considering includes delivery.
    But not amazing.

    I agree, the glasses are worthless.

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    Johnny walker is a nice blend, namely the blue & green, but for this kind of money you could get a really nice single malt, but everyone has different tastes i suppose

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    Woolies on special this week - Johnnie Blue - 700mLs - $170.


    Dan murphy’s has blue label $190. The glasses might be $5 - $10 each? A small deal I guess…

    As for the Green / Gold – no deal here: (again based of DM prices)

    Green: $68.99
    Gold: $79.99
    Total: $148.98

    You lose $1.02 from this deal.


    swing: not too bad, you save $30 as of DM prices…


      If they still have the Blue Label deal in stock I think it is more worth to go with than the DM one. Just $10 dollars more coming with a solid gift box plus 2 crystal glasses (very good quality as I use them every night) and 50ml more of blue label. Much better as a gift or self-collection.


      Gold is $80?! It's out of stock at 1C and labelled at $150!


      Ok, checked JW website, and the front page seems to suggest Green label is being phased out, but the Gold Label has got me intrigued. I'm wondering if there's a difference between Gold Label & Gold Label Reserve?


        If anyone's interested: http://www.whisky.com/forum/showthread.php?t=74086
        Seems as though Gold is also being phased out, Gold (18 yrs) is 700ml whereas Gold Reserve (15 yrs) is 750ml. Basically, Platinum is replacing Gold, and Gold Reserve is replacing Green.


          and Gold Reserve is replacing Green

          ???? But Green is a single malt and Gold is a blend???


          Johnnie don't do single malts.