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Honey Roasted Macadamia $19.99/kg + Delivery ($0 VIC C&C) @ Nuts about Life


This is the cheapest Honey Roasted Macadamias that I could find.
I got $9.90 delivery fee to Sydney

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Nuts About Life
Nuts About Life

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    Nuts about Life are usually really good whenever I order anything from them.

    Unfortunately the delivery costs to QLD make it difficult to justify a lot of the time :(

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      It's nuts that the macadamias were grown in south eastern Queensland or northern NSW.

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    If the macadamia nuts are quality, $19.99/kg plust $9.90 delivery is not too bad.

  • +2

    Delivery fee is so disappointing.. $10!!! A deal breaker really..

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      Macadamia's are normally around $36 a kilo, so you are winning

      • +14

        Not if 35% of it is sugar lol Read the label. Comes to at least $30/kilo plus whatever junk has been added.

        • How did you get 35% sugar when the product is 72% macadamia nuts?

          Edit: Are you referring to the sugar present in honey?

        • Hey, where can I find macadamias for less than $30/kg (Inc the $10 delivery)??

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            @teereb: Woolies sell 400 or 500g honey macadamias for about $10.

            Whether the quality is as good as these I couldn't say.

            • +1

              @jamin: That's why it was asking, Woolworths was all $41+ per kg. A couple other of their things were oos, and also stuff Woolies and their price gouging.

              None of their stuff was cheaper than that.

              So nothing under this price in the deal?

            • +1

              @jamin: do they?
              the ones that I saw was $47.5/kg in woolies
              Can you post the link?

            • @jamin: Almost double that $19 for 400g for me. Not sure where you got $10 for.

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    • Kills it for me too (and saying this is normal or usually at least $30 does not alter opinion)….and on web site would appear delivery charge is added late in purchase routine - hate that sort of deception so a double no. Thanks OP but…..

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    Still yet to find anywhere with a decent raw nut mix (this one doesn't either) that I can order online… Green Valley Spices has a great one if you're close to a store in Sydney and a good price. Anyone got any suggestions?

    • Lebanese Food Emporium?

  • +25

    Damn the pic got me thinking these were chicken nuggets.

    • +2

      You’d order chicken nuggers through the post?

      • C&C in VIC for $0.

        • +3

          Maccas nuggets will last the delivery no fridge required

    • +1

      I actually clicked because I thought it was a nuggets special.

  • +11

    use code: FREESHIP
    for free delivery ($100 order minimum)

    • Damn too late, already bought.

    • Code is not working mate, getting below message!

      FREESHIP discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

    • Sorry - are you saying if I spend $100 I still need to use a coupon to get free shipping?

  • Thanks OP got a bag!

  • +5

    Thought this was KFC

  • +7

    Delicious, but wow so much sugar!

  • +1

    What's the deal on sugar adulterated nut?

  • +4

    If you like honey roasted macadamias you should try Deez.

    • +3

      Deez what?

      • +3

        Eh hem.

        Deez nutz.

      • +1

        Got ‘em 🤪

  • +1

    Poor bees…

  • -2

    The price display is very misleading, it feels cheap but it is not, and the shipping fee is not reasonable

    • Most macadamia producers have similar shipping prices in my experience. The price per kg is actually quite cheap.

    • +4

      $10 shipping isn't reasonable? It's 2023, not 2013.

      • +1

        & a 1KG parcel too

  • looked like pop chicken on the pic, so disappointed it's actually nuts.

  • got 2x bags thanks

  • Just ordered from Nimbin nuts. how does this compare

  • i love DEEZ NUTZ

    • Did you vote for him?

  • Didn't qualify for free shipping even though order was over $100, no sale!

    • +1

      Did you use the code? - FREESHIP

      • Yep used the code FREESHIP
        still didn't qualify

        • +3

          "Please note as a sale item this item is excluded from all further discounts/promos."

  • +1

    Mmmm popcorn chicken

  • +2

    Shipping kills it.

  • Thanks op

  • +1

    Any other nut cheaper at this site than wollies/coles?

    • usually i just buy the pork crackling because it tastes good yo

  • -1

    These are like crack… I … must …. not… order…

  • +2

    $30 per kilo delivered is an ok price, ignore the price of shipping, just factor it into the total price.

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    If you're in Melbourne, can pick up from Brunswick!

    • +2

      Yeah I paid the delivery, because stuff driving to Sydney Road hah

      • +1

        YEeah, that is always busy and annoying to get to

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    large macadamia pieces are also $19.99 per kg.

  • Anyone have their order shipped yet?

    • +1


    • +1

      They seem to be very slow sending them out

      • so slooooooow, and lazzzzzzy

  • They do good wasabi almonds, need to do wasabi macadamias nuts about life .

  • +1

    Picked up my nuts from Brunswick today and OH MY ARE THESE GOOD QUALITY. I literally just ordered again. 👍

    • How can you tell the difference in quality? I'm going to order some but wondering the difference to the ones in the supermarket

      • +1

        Well, you can tell fresh macadamia nuts by crunchiness, taste, smell.. I used to live in Hawaii and know dodgy nuts. haha
        These are really good in my opinion. Can’t get enough!! 🤩

      • +1

        I received my order recently as well. Compared to the ones I usually buy, these ones are overroasted and the pieces are smaller (few to no whole pieces). That being said, these ones still taste good and when buying 2kg at a time, these ones are 43% cheaper (inc shipping), so I'm going to buy more.

    • I find the nuts are pretty good as well, and the price even after the shipping fee is still the cheapest i could find. Nothing comes close.
      Even woolies ones are $47/kg
      About to order some more

  • +2

    These really are good just put in a second order.

  • Anyone’s order shipped interstate have been dispatched? Ordered on the 28th and order still not sent out? Is this normal?

    • Purchased 29 Jun and just shipped today. Sydney Metro. Should be soon for you

  • Taste is stale, very old and extremely sugary, one bag was crushed and shitty.

    • I am confused reading these comments.. some comments above say these are very good and then some say totally opposite. Maybe different batches?

  • these are too sugary

  • warning….shitloads of sugar!!!!!!!

  • will make you FAT!!!!

  • What is expiry usually?

  • I am hammering through a couple of handfuls a day, amazing snack!

  • I finally pulled a trigger and ordered a couple of Kgs. Contrary to some comments on OzB, they are pretty good and not much sugary at all. Good snack indeed! I wish the shipping was a bit cheaper though.

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