Travel Insurance 80 Yro Traveller to Japan

My mother is travelling to Japan March 2024,she is 79 years young but will be 80 in a months time.The difference in cost of insurance is $400 once she reaches 80.Can she buy the insurance now at a cheaper 79 yro price or does she have to take the policy as an 80 yro.


  • Why should you consider buying travel insurance before your next birthday?

    The price of travel insurance is calculated on the age you are when you buy the policy, not the age you are when you travel.

    Compare prices with your age today and your age after your birthday and you might find it’s cheaper to buy a policy before your next birthday!

    According to:…

    Double check with whatever provider you are looking at before you book.

    Also note there are some insurance providers that specialise in seniors and may be able to offer a better competitive rate.…

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    Have you considered medical-only? It's a somewhat cheaper option for the over-80s.

    • But airlines and other service providers don't care how old you are when they delay or cancel bookings. haha

      On a more serious note, the medical component of the insurance is the most expensive part (hence the premiums are mostly based on age), so getting medical-only probably won't make much of a difference to the price.

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        Ah it makes a big difference. I bought insurance for my elderly parents last week and medical only was $499 compared to comprehensive at $1300.

        • Indeed, for four weeks in Europe, single 80yo, $285 with

      • Have you ever done the comparison?

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