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Hario Natsume Tea Pot 700ml $15.51 (& V60 Dripper, Dressing Bottle,...) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon JP via AU

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$36-74 elsewhere in Aus. Also part of Save 10% on any 3 qualifying items Amazon deal.

Large-sized tea strainer that does not clog when pouring. The wide opening at the top means you can wash the inside with ease.



WEIGHT(incl. individual box)
Approx. 400g

Glass pot, Lid: Heatproof Glass
Strainer: Polypropylene
Strainer Mesh: Polyester Resin

Made in Japan

Hario VDR-02W 02 V60 Coffee Dripper, White Resin, Coffee Drip for 1-4 Cups, Made in Japan - $5.82 (No free prime delivery)

Hario Dressing Bottle Slim, Pull-Top, 240ml, Black, Made in Japan - $14.31
Hario Dressing Bottle Slim, Pull-Top, 240 ml, Pale Gray, Made in Japan - $17.08

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  • +3

    Is the mesh made by polyester resin safe enough for boiled water? The strainer with polypropylene is said to be safe so.

  • -8

    Never trust any glass with boiling water. These are more designed for green tea kinda thing.

    • +6

      You shouldn't be using boiling water… Around 87c-91c or you will be killing the flavor of the ferment.

    • Like metal, there are many types of glass. Borosilicate glass, for example, has very low thermal expansion coefficients so they are very resistant to thermal shocks. Might I suggest getting some basic education on material engineering?

  • +8

    As much as I love everything from Amazon JP… I think this design which I currently use is better https://www.amazon.com.au/Avanti-Double-Coffee-Plunger-Capac…
    Why is it better? It is double wall so it retains whatever water temperature you put it in it. Also, once you push the plunger down you instantly separate tea leaves from the tea and can just pour all of it out in one quick action. Easy to clean as well and dishwasher safe.

    • +1

      Some really good points. 👍

    • +2

      Plunger is not a tea pot, different use. If you don't care, you can use some other containers as you like

      • +1

        Why can you not use the plunger?

  • +5

    Quit reading when i saw polypropylene.

    • Glass teapots with glass strainers are easy to find

    • -3

      You may need to quit everything, when you realise all the things that contain 'poly'

  • I have a different Hario teapot, which needs 2 hands to pour.

    The glass lid does not stay on when the pot is about half full and you need to hold it on with the other hand. The lid also gets hot . Because if this, I tend not to use it. Sad, because I love the appearance, but just too difficult.

    • You may have one like this that the lid sits on top, not against/inside the curve.

  • +2

    I would rather get the stainless steel insert version, for a few bux more.


    • Already part of the deal and mentioned in the previous comment.

  • +2

    I always compare the yen price in the JP site first. For this one it is 1598 yen RRP, so yes it is a deal. But not for the one with steel mesh strainer, 1295 yen vs $18

    • -1

      Including delivery cost?

  • For whatever reason there's a ~$20 shipping for the V60 dripper showing up for me and I have Prime :(

    • I did order it with the shipping cost waived without Prime for my > $49 order. You may want to try again.

      • $20 shipping for the V60 for me too

      • Must be order over $49 then. Funnily enough the tea pot was fine free shipping (but I only wanted the dripper haha, nice to have a spare at that price).

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