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Coles Express $10 Meal Deal - 2 Four'n Twenty Traveller Pies and 4 250ml Red Bull


My local store put up the posters this afternoon, purchase any two four and twenty traveller pies and a four pack of 250ml Red Bull for $10. Not on the website yet but active for purchase.

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    A 4 Pack of Red Bull at the Servo (and at the supermarkets at full price) is already >$10 itself.

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      Which makes it a pretty decent deal.

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    That does not seem like a nutritionally complete meal….

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      Just needs a sachet or two of Tomato sauce, that'll be the 1 serving of veggies to make it nutritionally complete.

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        the pie is 80% wheat and soy, surely that counts?

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      I have many questions if you are looking to eat 2 x pies and drink 4 x cans of red bull in one meal. Much respeck to your meal game.

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        Truckers dream deal.

    • you'd be surprised how many people eat like that on the daily…

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    Breakfast of champions.

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    Don't doctors actually recommend this?

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      yes, along with Camel cigarettes.

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        I feel like we could add a Simpsons joke or reference here somewhere

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      A mortician is a type of doctor isn't it? Like a specialist

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    yew smoko sorted you beauty thanks OP

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    Gross. No wonder tradies seem incapable of not destroying every porcelain throne they come across.

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      @Jimothy Wongingtons knows a thing or two about that 😜

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        I have seen some absolute murder scenes of a portaloo at the work sites I’ve been on. I have as much admiration as I do disgust …actually the one that sticks most in my mind is the one time at a North lakes site where the previous guy left an absolute log without flushing - like a poop knife wouldn’t cut it - would need a god damn poop chainsaw .. like mate…cob.. dude.. my brother in Christ… maybe you could do with a few dare iced coffees.. or like some vegetables?

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    Elite athlete certified meal

  • This could be my cheapest heart attack yet.

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    Date night sorted

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    breakfast of champions

  • Do i need this? NO.
    next min.. searching for the nearest coles express to buy this.

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    Does this also come with 10c off fuel?

    • 2 of these for the $20 instore purchase for the extra 10c off?

  • Healthy

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    Tbh this is a deal

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    This deal should at least be called Tradies Delight

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    Hell yeah now this is a bargain feed for one

    • This amazing deal can easily…

      Feed your family for LESS than $10! …At Coles!!

  • Do you have to buy fuel as well? I don't need fuel for my mobility scooter…that reminds me better plug it in.

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    Anniversary dinner sorted.

  • No way is it 4.

  • is this at every coles express right now?

  • If I'm getting a heart attack, I'd rather get it from KFC

  • that other $10 combo that includes a cadbury bar would be a more complete "meal"

  • The kind of meal that goes through you like a bullet train

  • RIP almost every Coles Express across the country tomorrow morning when tradies line up thick and fast to get this before work

  • I asked my local coles express store about the promo and they said that it had been withdrawn (mistake by head of).

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      Can confirm the deal is current.

      I saw the promo at 2 x Coles Express yesterday and bought from one.

      Ate 1 x pie and the other is in the fridge along with the 4 x Red Bulls.
      Not recommended as part of a healthy diet.

  • Has anyone bought this with the no sugar red bulls?

  • It’s not a bad deal in the sense the 4 pack is $10 on its own, but what a strange deal. I guess the idea is two buddies get a pie and two drinks each? Drink four red bulls in one sitting and you’ll know all about it.

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