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Apple AirTag (4 Pack, Direct Import) $129 Delivered @ MyDeal (App Only)

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Apple AirTag 4 pack $139
NB it's a Grey Import
so MyDeal.12mth warranty, possibly no Apple Australia warranty.

Using coupon SHOPAPP to knock $10 off (presumably via the MyDeal app). Magically becomes $129.

Get Woolies rewards points, but being Apple, no CR/SB/etc

Use them to track your kids, your pets, your spouse, your wheels, your luggage, your crypto, your poop through the sewage system (race your neighbours to the sea - winner gets a fatburg).

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  • Apple Airtags are the new Eneloops 😉

    • +2

      Most probably cuz theft overall is probably rising significantly.

      • +3

        Also peace of mind when I travel. Many people found their lost luggages faster than airlines can.

        • Great for those roaming misses too!

      • +1

        Or we just forget where we put everything we buy.

  • Good price..

  • Great thanks!

  • Thank you, grabbed a set!

  • Thanks, got one

  • +5

    (Targeted)There’s 1000 Everyday Reward points on offer for spend above $50, makes this deal even better for those with the offer.

    • +1

      got this too but it's only 1000 points for me 😂

  • What's directimport

    • +1

      My bad, I didn't see that. It's a grey import by MyDeal (they're not official Apple Australia stock, so possibly not covered by Apple Australia for local warranty). MyDeal has 12mth warranty.

  • bought 1 for 29 in recent eBay Deal

  • Thanks. Been holding out for a little while. Good price.

  • +8

    Currently in Greece without our four check in luggage. BA told us they can’t find our luggage. We let them know two were in Paris and two are in London. AirTags are the best.

    • +3

      Looks like Qantas has some real competition on its hands..

    • That's awesome. Wouldn't travel without Airbag's in my luggage. Airlines hate them and tried to get them banned on "security" reasons.

      • +2

        I believe airbags for luggage is overkill.

      • +1

        Totally. Our first few calls to lost luggage they said they didn’t want the AirTag info. Eventually we told them to grow up, accept the info and send our bags to us.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

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    The new Google tags are out in a couple of weeks for non Apple users.


    • +1

      Be pretty awesome if Android had something similar. Tags, especially in luggage, is a clear winner.
      Even better if the two companies reached a common standard so that we had one global network instead of 2 competing smaller networks (LOL, who am I kidding? - never happen because Apple just can't play nice with others - see apple group messaging, green text bubbles for Android users, airdrop, find my stuff, resisting iPhones switching to USB-C, and so forth - Apple resist interoperability via open shared standards whenever it might reduce their revenue infinitesimally, or make their stuff seem less exclusive, a choice they make repeatedly despite knowing every time it's making the world a collectively worse place - which is why I'm dubious it'll ever happen).
      I'd also like to know if it will require the latest version of Android to work, as that'd basically stagger the roll-out from full capacity until most people have replaced their phones (e.g. 2 to 4 years), as OS updates & support times continues to be an area where Apple is vastly better than Android - still only got 1 new version of Android on my 2020 phone.

      • These above are Android and don't require the latest Android version:

        "Pairing requires an Android phone or tablet. To use Google's Find My Device app on your Android phone or tablet to locate Chipolo Point, the device must be running Android 9 or later with Google Play Services installed.

        Google's Find My Device network is made up of hundreds of millions of Android devices that use secure Bluetooth technology to detect your missing items nearby and report their approximate location back to you, so you can find them."

        Just managed to find a link on reddit that gives 20% off the Chipolo Point 4 pack price which takes them down to $117 for 4, delivered. It's some kind of referral link so I will not post here.

        • That all sounds pretty good. Almost everything is newer than Android 9, and rolling it out via Google Play Services is probably the best way to make it ubiquitous given the Android updates situation.

  • In stock again

  • +1

    Order your CR2032s now, I got a 4 pack of these from Amazon USA (I'd expect high product turnover) and they were flat within 3 weeks. I was not impressed.

    • My 4 are still going strong after 18 months+.

      • I figured it was maybe just unlucky for me. It was sure frustrating tho.

    • I think something was wrong with your pack.

      They are supposed to last at least one year.

      • Also if I remember correctly, the battery is not activated until you pull out the plastic tab.

  • +1

    Hi all, this seems available again until 08/08/2023. @M00Cow

    I just made an order and the discount code works (to reduce it by $10).

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