Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins - funny if its true !!

Not sure if its true since Samsung said they would appeal



    a Billion Dollars, 30 trucks, 5 cent coins.

    For starters, 1 Billion is 1,000 Millions. This alone with $100 Notes will probably need more than 30 trucks.

    Your kidding yourself if you think 30 trucks holding 1 Billion in 5c coins could come close.


    Also countries usually have a law limiting the amount you can pay in coins. E.g.


    It's not true, as they're appealing it anyway


    yeh just realised a hoax , wish it was true though

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    Ridiculous hoax, but a good opportunity for some back of the envelope fun.
    The total value of 5 cent coins in circulation is estimated at only $200 Million. And 5 cent coins have passed the seigniorage point of parity: 5 cent coins cost more than 5 cents in materials and production; it's estimated each coin costs 8 cents to make.

    So not counting the appeal process, not counting the fact the court order was between US entities in a US court (and thus necessitating US currency), not counting the cost of transporting such a huge number of coins, and looking at the cost of manufacturing (not commissioning) 20 Billion coins: It would make the payment effectively $1.6 Billion dollars.

    The coins would weigh 56-thousand metric tons, which is 10% more than the total weight of the Titanic, or the same mass as 37% of all the gold mined in the history of man.

    1 coin's volume is approximately 1.22cm3, so 20 Billion of them would have a volume of 2440m3, roughly the same as an Olympic sized swimming pool. BUT: circular objects do not stack efficiently, there is that empty space between them, star shaped in square packing, or pointy-triangle shaped in the most efficient hexagonal packing. Hex packing has a density of around 0.9069, so the volume would be 2440m3*(1/0.9069) which is 2690m3

    That is assuming the coins aren't wrapped in cardboard tubes, then packed into boxes, and that they are stacked with perfect efficiency without falling everywhere and making a big pain in the arse mess. Can you imagine having to load the trucks like that? Jesus.

    Anyway, brief research suggests one semi-trailer can carry 115m3 (only 24 trucks needed!) but the weight limits here are going to be the limiting factor: 42.5 tons. There are restricted special trucks that can carry up to a maximum of 50 tonnes on NSW roads (that's the hard limit for all road vehicles), lets assume they go with those.
    56000/50 = 1120 truck loads.

    So there you go!

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