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[NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD] Collect 2000/4000/8000 Everyday Rewards Points in One $30/$50/$80+ Transaction @ MILKRUN (New Customers)


Didn't realise milkrun was bought out by Woolies…I guess now their coverage is much larger!

Terms and conditions

Offer is only available on the MILKRUN app. Offer is not available at any Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro, Woolworths Online, Ampol Woolworths MetroGo or Everyday Market from Woolworths purchases.

This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Everyday Rewards Card. New MILKRUN Delivery Pty Limited customers only. Customers who have previously shopped on MILKRUN Delivery Pty Limited or Metro60 will not be eligible for this offer.

How it works
To collect points, during the offer period, you must (a) link your Everyday Rewards account to your MILKRUN account in the MILKRUN app, and (b) spend the qualifying amount when you place your first order in the MILKRUN app. To collect 2,000 points, spend $30-49.99 in one transaction. To collect 5,000 points, spend $50-79.99 in one transaction. To collect 8,000 points, spend $80 or more in one transaction. Your MILKRUN and Everyday Rewards accounts must be linked before 23:59 (local time) 05/08/2023 to qualify for the bonus points. Offer can be enjoyed one (1) time only during the offer period. You do not need to boost this offer. Everyday Rewards may reverse any points which have been allocated to you where the order has not been fulfilled. You can collect Everyday Rewards points in connection with MILKRUN purchases only while your Everyday Rewards and MILKRUN accounts remain linked.

When will I get my points?
Your points will be loaded to your Everyday Rewards Card within 14 business days after your first MILKRUN order has been delivered.

You may not collect Everyday Rewards points if collecting those points would cause you to exceed 4,000 Everyday Rewards dollars set out in the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions.

In addition to the above terms and conditions, by participating in the Everyday Rewards program you agree to the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions and by using the MILKRUN app you agree to the MILKRUN Terms and Conditions.

^Average delivery time between 1 May 2023 - 4 July 2023. Individual delivery times may vary. May be delayed due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances. Free delivery offer valid until 23:59 AEDT 31/12/2023. Available on eligible purchases to new MILKRUN customers on their first 3 orders. MILKRUN reserve the right to cancel promotions at any time. Selected delivery locations. Min spend and exclusions apply. You may obtain further information about the delivery timeframes for MILKRUN on the MILKRUN app and in the MILKRUN Terms and Conditions.

Referral Links

Everyday Extra: random (1018)

Referee and referrer get 1500 points after referee's first paid month of subscription.

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  • It seems not targeted as mentioned on the EDR website here.

    • Thanks ~ updated the link

      • The offer may be auto-acitivated in the App as I did not remember activating the offer.

        • Same, but I wasn't sure if clicking on the email link boosted it or not.

    • This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Everyday Rewards Card. New MILKRUN Delivery Pty Limited customers only. Customers who have previously shopped on MILKRUN Delivery Pty Limited or Metro60 will not be eligible for this offer.

      Your MILKRUN and Everyday Rewards accounts must be linked before 23:59 (local time) 05/08/2023 to qualify for the bonus points. Offer can be enjoyed one (1) time only during the offer period. You do not need to boost this offer.

      Still seems targeted, can't activate from the EDR website. Only half the accounts have it listed in the app. Wouldn't count on receiving the points if it's not activated within the app.
      Also noticed it on a banner offer in the milkrun app.

  • +5

    I just had a look, and I have this offer in my rewards app, so I downloaded the milkrun app and set it up with my rewards card.

    I was tempted to order things to get to the $80min for 8k points, and maybe stack the '15BUCKS' off $40 spend, but it's hard to justify when every item has a jacked up price to its instore price. I'm sure i I would probably still end up on top, but it doesn't appeal.

    Keen to see if anyone rates this, over jumping in the car and going to Woolies.

    • +1

      8K points is worth $40, and there's the $15 discount (not sure whether you need to spend $80 or $95 before discount to get the 8K points).

      So effectively, you're getting your first order for a net cost of $25… But agree - without the discounts, you're paying a hefty price for convenience.

    • Free delivery on first 3 orders.
      Metro60 stores already jacked over normal Woolworths prices. There's some value there if you shop specials and homebrand lines.
      Convenient if you can't drive on Sunday morning 🤣

    • +1

      The bigger the shop, the more you end up paying a premium for convenience. But when you want just about $20 of groceries and really can't be arsed heading to the shops (bad weather?) it can be pretty handy. I'm happy to spend $5 more to avoid the shopping trip sometimes.

    • +1

      How much of a jack are we talking?

      I'm reluctant to download the app and go through all the set up, but would appreciate some indicator of 'jack size' if you could be bothered. No worries if not!

      • +2

        Haha sorry mate, iv already deleted the app. It wasn't a huge amount, but things live veggies were by the Each, no kilo, so you already pay more. They also didn't seem to match Woolworths sale items, so something 30% off instore or online, is still full price on milkrun. I ended up ordering some staples, soy milk cartons, frozen things and a few other pantry items. I added the 15bucks code to take $95 down to $80, which earns the full 8k points and free delivery. It turned up in 20mins here in Newcastle. I feel like it's worth doing, but I would rarely use it outside of doing it for the points in this instance.

        • Thanks that's good info. Maybe I'll download anyway and see if I can make it worth my while. As say, 8000 points is a reasonable haul. But I can't imagine using it regularly either.

      • I checked a few and everything I saw was around or under 10%. Not bad tbh.

    • +2

      I've noticed if you buy woolies branded items the prices are fairly similar. But definitely crazily jacked up, don't buy fresh produce from them as they give you the rotting stuff… I bought a bag of mandarins and half of them were rotting… Stick to packaged items and woolies branded stuff

  • +2

    MILKRUN delivers to 500+ suburbs across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and Newcastle check our suburb list Here to see if we deliver to you.

    • +2

      Thanks. Sadly am 500m outside their delivery area😢
      Could go down road & arrange delivery there…

      • +1

        Still the same stupid zones as Metro60. Main road right in the middle of 3 stores and just happen to be in the twilight zone for delivery.

  • +1

    Not in their delivery area. I must be too poor.

  • -2

    Eastern states only. Title should probably be amended.

  • -1

    Not available in Perth

  • I see the banner in the app too for 8000 points on your first purchase when you link your card in app

  • +1

    Some of the prices kinda make it not worth it

  • Can you pay with gift cards and/or Rewards dollars?

    • +1

      I wasn't given that option. Had to pay via Google pay linked to my credit card. Probably only use it once…bought $95.20 worth of goods, discounted to $80.20 with free delivery to get Woolies $40 or 4000 QF pts :)

      • do you enter promo code after clicking "Pay with Ggle"? ty

  • +3

    Woolworths brand items have a relatively small markup of about 10%. If you purchase $80 worth of items for the $40 bonus, then it seems worthwhile. Can I stack the 15BUCKS promo code and only spend $25 as someone else mentioned?

  • +1

    Was very impressed with delivery speed…from the time I pressed confirm order to the time the items were at my front door = 30mins. Will be useful for last minute food items needed for a meal…happy to pay a small premium for that. Wouldn't buy household items that are not urgent and can wait till your next visit to the store where they are cheaper.

  • has anyone found really similar to WW priced items through here?

    • manuka honey 30+ <10% markup. what else did you find?

    • +1

      Most the beef is same/similar. Beef mince, diced heart smart etc. The grassfed mince is actually cheaper on milk run than in store - $10 500g vs $11. I think I’ll get some diced beef and do a big slow cooker curry, since it’s effectively 50% off equivalent points.

      Strike paper towel is same price too $2 2pk

      Most things are about 10% more

  • Has anyone received the 8000 points ?

    I only got 80 pts for spending $80 so far :(

    • T&C's state it can take up to 14 days to receive the bonus points

    • Have you received your points yet? I'm still at the 80pts :(

      • Same…

        • Lovely. I couldn't be bothered chasing it up tbh. I hope it happens eventually..

          • @StackableSnacks: Do you know how we can claim the missing points ?

            • @London: Has it been longer than 14 business days? If so you can jump on Everyday Rewards chat.

              • @JHoliday: It was over 14days. However I got the points.

  • so can't redeem rewards points for 10$?

    • No, it's a $30 minimum.

  • where do you enter promo code?

  • On payment screen

    anyone know, if i get refunded part of the order, will it reduce my points????

    I had 98$ minus 15$ code, over 80$

    Then refunded part of the order, so total 65$

    i want my 8000 points!!

    • I'm in the exact same position, but I didn't use the $15 code.

      Order value $84.65. They had to substitute some of the items (due to out of stock) so I was refunded $6.40, bringing me under the $80 threshold.

      I haven't received the bonus points yet, but if I only get 5000 I'll be contacting Woolies. I don't think it's fair otherwise, because I can't foresee what will be out of stock or not - I ordered above the $80 threshold to get the points.

      • My order was fulfilled completely ($95.60 less $15) and I noticed I only got 80 EDR standard points. I think this contrasts with how Woolworths itself operates where points are credited for the full value of an online order, and cash is refunded separately if substitutions/OOS occur.

        As an aside, I'm still waiting on the bonus points too.

        • Any update on the points? I’m thinking of trying the same as what you’ve done.

    • +1

      how did you go?

    • +1

      Did you get it in the end?

  • Unfortunately my points are the amount after refund

    95$ mins 15$ credit was 80$ plus

    20$ refund, 66 reward points

  • any risks of their substitutions to reduce the intended original order amount by disqualifying the minimum spend criteria of $50+?

  • I have not received even after 14 days after purchase.
    Do you know how we can claim the missing points ?

    • T&C’s said 14 “business” days, not 14 days. Check today, a few people have received their points, myself included.

  • +5

    So i just got my points

    Original order over 80$
    After substitution and cancellation was 65$

    Got 8000 points

    • Same here. Good on Woolies for doing the right thing.

  • I got my 8,000 points. The order total was $81.

  • Also got my 8000 points today. Ordered 12 days ago

  • Got my 8000 points (and converted to 4000 Qantas points). Have already burned them on a flight in the US in January… 😊

  • +1

    Anyone spend $80+ and use the $15 off code to make the order around $65 and still get the 8000 points?

    • Points came in, only got 5000

  • Just order $40 bucks worth of woolies long life milk and stop whinging about prices lol

  • +1

    Has anyone used the $15 voucher (either to get it to above $80 or even down to $65) and successfully received the 8000 points?

    • +2

      I did, my order just over $80 after $15 voucher. Bonus points arrived 14 days later.

      • Thanks, shame the deal has expired by now

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