Gaming PCs LOW-end Systems Only-> LOW-tier vs MID-tier

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Hi Gamers,

Gaming PCs LOW-end Systems Only-> LOW-tier vs MID-tier.

In regard to the above, I hope that you can help to answer this-> 'Is it worth paying more ?'

Background: Techfast is known for LOW-tier parts, while other-sellers offer MID-tier parts: transparent by listing brand & model #.

My focus is LOW-end systems only: the grunt of 3060Ti or 6700XT: or thereabouts.

If you wish to help, pls advise,

  1. link to the deal you bought, eg
  2. link to UserBenchmark test result, eg
  3. link to other benchmark sites, eg '3DMark TimeSpy'

If, you

  1. upgraded parts & hence not noted on your OzBargain link,
  2. changed any factory settings, eg any OC, PBO etc,
  3. fans: how many came with the deal & any upgrade.

Please advise details (& amount, if applicable), eg upgraded to R5 5600 for $80.

Feel free to share anything that is relevant: candid & factual pls, eg 'gaming Fornite @ 1080P ULTRA, I got average 180 FPS: confirmed by Nvidea frame counter & it's more than suggested->…

If you don't want your information for public consumption: feel free to send me a private message of your results. Strictly confidential.

Apology for being onerous with the details…may be give some thoughts as to why i made it that way ?

Feel free to make any suggestions.

Thanks SO much & happy gaming.

FYI, I bought this i5-11400F 3060Ti->
Here are the brand & model # not listed @ deal.
GPU 3060Ti 8Gb Galax 1-click OC
RAM Adata XPG Spectrix D50 RGB DDR4 3200MHz
SSD Western Digital Green 480Gb SATA
PSU Gigabyte P650B 650W 80+ Bronze


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    concerns: feel free to send me a private message

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