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50% off End-of-Line Footwear Models - Size EU41 Only + $10 Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Barefootinc


Possibly targeted promotion. Only size 41 code sent to me.
I love my vibram five fingers and they are never on sale in Australia. First time seen them as 50% off and free delivery for orders over $100 too. Enjoy!

Promo email from Barefoot.

Happy 41!! 🍾

We have some A-mazing half price deals on 'end of line' models in size 41.. your size! (or at least a size you've previously purchased from us)

Use the code ONLY41 when purchasing these models in a size 41 to get 50 (50!!) % off.. or 2 for 1 if you want to think about it that way 😉

Just click on the model below.. select 41 and use the code ONLY41 at checkout.

El-X Black Mens
CVT Hemp Khaki
V-Alpha Blue
V-Aqua Black
V-Aqua Blue
KSO Evo Grey
V-Train Camo
KSO Eco Grey
Spyridon Evo

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  • -1

    Why would you not mention in the title that it is one very specific size that is only eligible?

    • +5

      yeah, what a shit deal. its like when a cafe offers free coffee today for anyone named Abigale.

      • It is good for abbi

    • +1

      I think, its there in the body but not in heading. Will add to heading now.

  • +4

    I'm seriously struggling to get my head around this being specifically for size 41 feet only. Unfortunate, I've always wanted a pair of these.

    FYI this is equivalent to a US mens 9

    • I thought the same, however according to their shoe sizes a US mens 8 = 41 EU = 26cm
      But on their ones with toes a US mens 8.5-9 = 41 EU = 26cm

      Seems a little inconsistent

  • Has someone else tried ONLY44 or anything?

    • doesn't work on size 44 shoe things.

      I also tried ONLY41 on size 44, no go.

      That's OK, I didn't really need >$100 experimental (for me) footwear

      • Ah well, worth a try!

  • +2

    Shame this is only size 41… I've been looking at barefoot shoes recently.

    Ended up buying these as my first pair: https://www.saguaro.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/fo…

    ~$90 delivered is the cheapest "barefoot" shoe I could find that had any amount of positive reviews online

    Most name brands are ~$200 and rarely on sale for anything that looks like its form this planet

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