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Win a BYD ATTO 3 Electric Vehicle and an AmpCharge EV Charger 22kw from The Mirvac Group



Closing Date 28/08/2023


Description BYD ATTO 3 electric vehicle and an AmpCharge EV Charger 22kW
No. of Prizes 1

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Simply subscribe and enter via the form below for your chance to WIN a BYD ATTO 3 electric vehicle* and an AmpCharge EV Charger 22kW* thanks to BYD and Ampol.

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  • +2

    Thanks for sharing aily331!

  • Link didn't load a competition for me can anyone help there?

    I found this
    but you have to scan in the centre.

  • Is this scam?

  • +1

    Looks ok to me. T&c don’t mention interstate entries to be invalid but it does say you must enter with QR code at one of the shopping Centers.

    Thanks for sharing OP

  • Entered and then:

    Thank you for your entry! Come back tomorrow to score another entry. Good luck!


  • +7

    Interesting tid bits from T's & C's (not complaining, I've still entered as its a very generous prize pool and I'm close to one of the shopping centres! But people should be aware of these):

    To enter the Competition, Eligible Entrants must, during the Competition Period:

    a. Complete the entry form available at Participating Centres promoted in centre via QR code
    (limit one (1) entry, per day, per centre).

    b. For one bonus entry, complete an entry form promoted via email sent to Participating
    Centres’ members (limit one (1) bonus entry per member, per centre).

    c. Fully complete the official entry form, including their full legal name, valid contact number,
    valid email address and subscribe to the Participating Centres’ database. Entrant must
    remain subscribed to the database until at least the date of draw or any re-draw to be

    [There is no "or" between the above A B C's, so my interpretation is that A, B AND C must be completed… ie you must enter in person. The bonus entry is this online component… but you still must enter in person FOR EACH DAY of entry (which makes sense- Mirvac rightly wants you to go into their shopping centres "daily". Further in the conditions there's also this bit:]

    As between the Promoter and each individual Eligible Entrant, these terms and conditions are
    governed by the laws of the State or Territory in which the Eligible Entrant entered this Competition
    (being either QLD, NSW, VIC or ACT).

    [So its clearly not nationwide, and only where the participating shopping centres are (of which there is a specific list of 11 within the TC's)]

    It is a condition of participating in the Competition that Eligible Entrants agree to be interviewed,
    photographed or filmed by or on behalf of the Promoter and for their entry to be photographed,
    videoed and/or used for a story or feature on this Competition and to appear in print, digital, film or
    social media content (or any other form of media it deems suitable) on a royalty free basis for an
    unlimited period without remuneration or reference to the Eligible Entrant
    . Any story or feature
    (including creative control) will remain at the discretion of the Promoter at all times.

    [They own you (audio and video) for ever]

    Entrants must be over 18, a permanent AU resident, hold a Australian Driver Licence, enter with their full legal name, and must remain subscribed to the database until draw date (or if necessary redraw date).

    [Full Legal Name… important]

    Other considerations:
    A charger is included, but not the installation cost. Be aware of those costs.

    Winner is responsible for delivery costs. Draw is being held in QLD and "winner must personally collect the prize", so delivery of the vehicle and the charger to other states will need to be arranged, as will your attendance to claim it. Prize pool includes a giftcard of $3,000, but does not specifically cover transfer of ownership, registration, or stamp duty- but most states offer an exemption to stamp duty anyway. But the other costs could add up to quite a bit.

    Just putting this out there for keen punters looking to submit their details to what looks to be a very attractive prize pool. Be aware of the T's and C's and good luck!

    I get the impression you have to enter IN PERSON each day you wish to enter, and the online bit is a bonus entry.
    If people are just going to throw in a online entry every day for a month, you need to be aware of what the TC's are saying- and that you might be wasting your time. Mirvac are offering this prize to shoppers who come into their shopping centres across Australia… and want them to return daily to enter 'one per day per centre'.

    • +4

      The QR code will link to an online form…. My reading is that the promotional email links to a different form.

      The third clause simply means you need to complete the form in full and remain subscribed.

      You are trying to read too much into it.

      Broadly yes, you are supposed to scan to enter…. Lucky I 'drove up from interstate' that day.

  • +1

    Ok so does the link from each shopping centre go to the same entry page? Or are they all individual?

    Can anyone share the QR code from moonee ponds?

  • I entered at my local shopping centre yesterday. I also asked at the info desk to check if I can enter at home via the same link and they said that the entry would be invalid as I had not entered the shopping centre that day. They told me that it geotags via your ip on your phone when submitting the form that you are in/close to the centre which is why they used a QR code in the centre. They also told me the system will delete any entries where there are multiple entries across consecutive days for different shopping centres and will just keep the 1 entry of the closest centre to your postcode that you submit as part of the entry form in centre. She said the system will assume it’s a bot in those circumstances and would be flagged invalid. She said you can enter once through the whole comp period for a bonus entry without entering the centre but that was via a personalised email link that was sent to existing subscribers and is matched against their subscriber database that was in existence before the comp started. She said that particular link wasn’t shareable as it had a code within the URL as an identifier to that person which the system also checks. I still think it’s worth going in centre and entering though! Fingers crossed!

    • bingo!

    • +14

      Lady at the information desk moonlighting as an IT security consultant.

      • +1

        Rtwodee2? Sounds like a droid trying to stop us entering too much!

        • +1

          Member Since

          You could be right.. 🤣

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