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[PC] Free - Disfigure @ Steam


Overwhelmingly positive from 1156 reviews. Might become a paid game in the future.

Disfigure is a top-down shooter rogue-like in which you fight countless grotesque creatures shrouded in darkness. Choose from a variety of weapons and over a hundred upgrades to create unique builds each run and survive.

After I'm satisfied with the state of the game (Hoping to get the game to this state by late 2023/early 2024), I might decide to make the game paid for around $3-5 along with a large update (Disfigure 2.0) with game-changing amounts of new content. So grab the game now if you want to play it for free!

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  • Thank you.

  • +11

    This has always been free. It's a deal because it maybe one day could become a paid for game under a new name?

    • +2


  • Thanks mate.

  • +1

    This looks a lot like what Noct could have (should have?) been.

  • bargain

  • Crimsonland I played in 2006 had better graphics than this

    • +5

      graphics don't always make a game

      • +3

        I'd much rather play original Doom than Battlefield 2042

        • I'd rather play minesweeper than Battlefield 2042

          • +1

            @Diji: I do play minesweeper rather than Battlefield 2042.

      • +1

        Crimsonland was an awesome top down shooter

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