Recommendation of Good Weather Reporting/Forecast Sites

Hi, I have been using the site to check for weather, I prefer this site due to its simplicity, over Weatherzone and BOM.

Can anyone tell me if this site is taken down and what other good alternatives there are? Thanks


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    The BOM has the most/best resources immediately at its disposal, so you might want to revisit it some time when you are not too busy, and put a bit of time into getting thoroughly acquainted with their website/offerings (if you're right into the weather). If you just want a 'quick 7 days at a glance', you can just type your city and the word 'weather' into Google …

  • CARROT app if you have an iOS device. Seriously good customisation and accurate info.…


    Thank me later.

  • Yea, BOM website needs an update. Their app is much better though. I pretty much only use their website to see the rain radar when I am on my computer. Evetything else, I use their app.

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    I like WillyWeather's wind forecast/tracking interface.

    The actual weather interface is pretty good too at the suburb level.
    On ihphone the apple weather app is decent though have found it to be somehwhat inaccurate (anecdotally speaking)

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      +1 for me. I also use WillyWeather. Very pleased with it.

    • Do they have a windows widget?

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    BOM, Weatherzone ,seabreeze or the weather portal of your state agriculture dept
    Anything else is social media decoration
    (keeping in mind almost all options get the core info and data from BOM and just model it.)

  • AccuWeather

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