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[Uber One] Free Pad Thai with $20+ Spend at Selected Restaurants @ Uber Eats


Uber One exclusive offer: Get 1 of this item for free with this order when you spend at least $20 (before fees). Promotion does not apply to fees and customisations.

Valid for current order while supplies last

Valid for this merchant only

More worth it imo than the majority of Uber One deals seeing how Pad Thai's are usually over $15

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  • +7

    Pad Thai

    The problem is finding the good one.
    I'm fed up with Thai restaurants because crook managers change a chef (an inexperienced student) every week, food is just disgusting not to mention that they serve you dished fresh from the freezer and heat in the microwave!

    • I'm fed up with Thai restaurants

      I am not a fan of the culinary diplomacy. I don't like Pad Thai, it isn't even a particularly cultural dish, and is Thai soft power propaganda.

      • +3

        my guy, if you think culinary diplomacy is bad i can assure you it can get a lot worse, like that country that portrays animated underage girls and sell used undies at vending machines and expect people to forgive it for its WW2 atrocities. now that is really using soft power to influence peoples image of you.

        there's nth inherently wrong with sharing your food and promoting it to the world.

        • +1

          Yeah I don't much care for Japanese food either

          • +1

            @Gdsamp: well at least you're not a hypocrite and i respect that, understandable and have a good day lol o7

    • +1

      That's terrible! Personally, I always look at reviews outside the delivery app before placing an order; troublesome, but it served me well.

    • +2

      Thai is the easiest cuisine to cook at home if you have a wok burner. Recipe tin eats has a pad Thai recipe which is consistently as good as local thai restaurant. And all the restaurants use Maesri or Mar Ploy paste for the curries.

      I’d rather eat more authentic style of Thai but not easy to find in Australia, too sweet and not enough spice.

      • +1

        Errr who has a wok burner at home?

        • Maybe he means a normal gas burner that you can put a wok on

        • +2

          You don't need a wok burner, your regular stove can do just as well. The trick is not to over-crowd the wok - so cook the aromatics and protein and greens together and then remove them from the work and caramelize the noodles separately with the sauce and then combine everything.

          As an example - I use this recipe for Pad See Ew and it comes out even better than any Thai restaurant I've been to - the only thing I change in the linked recipe is that I double the sauce amount for more of a flavour bomb.


          Good luck, you'll be surprised how well it comes out if you just try!

          • @Meeb:

            The trick is not to over-crowd the wok - so cook the aromatics and protein and greens together and then remove them from the work and caramelize the noodles separately with the sauce and then combine everything

            that doesn't achieve much at the end of the day, no wok hei.

            • @dukeGR4: Not in my experience. The recipe I posted comes out perfect, tastes exactly like or better than the restaurant Pad See Ew I’ve tried.

              Just comes down to technique.

              • @Meeb: tell me your technique to achieve wok hei lol. not overcrowding does not work, i've tried that.

                • @dukeGR4: Ah I see you are after the specific work hei smokiness - there are a couple of ways to achieve this via technique at home (and with the help of an optional additional ingredient).

                  1. I will re-iterate, do not overcrowd the wok as the high temperature which is essential drops very quickly when you overcrowd it.
                  2. Heat the wok up first without anything in it until it starts smoking.
                  3. Add oil - preferably something with a high smoke point and a nutty flavour - e.g. peanut oil
                  4. Wait until the oil starts to smoke but not burn - you might need to practice this bit as you almost have to take it to the edge of burning.
                  5. Add your ingredients ensuring you stick to point #1.
                  6. If the flavour is still lacking that distinct smokiness you can opt to add Liquid Smoke to the recipe (Coles sell this).

                  Good luck and bon appetite !

        • People who enjoy Asian cooking. I only bought one about 6 months ago, Rambo wok burner, it is amazing.

          You can still cook good Asian food on a gas/electric stove, but to get the restaurant taste it needs to be cooked on a carbon steel wok over high heat.

      • +2

        I’m usually a huge fan of Recipe Tin Eats but her Pad Thai recipe is not to my liking. Perhaps because she uses oyster sauce and brown sugar (instead of palm sugar). I found this recipe from a Thai lady is closer to the ones in Bangkok.

        • Thanks for sharing! I haven't tried 'Recipe Tin Eats' Pad Thai but their Pad See Ew is great (just double the sauce for more of a flavour hit). Will check out the one you shared next time I am in the mood for Pad Thai, cheers!

        • I watch her YouTube channel! Solely for the recipes.

        • +1

          I love her recipes due to ease of access to ingredients in most supermarkets. If you're looking for a site that's closest to home cooking, this would be it https://www.thaitable.com/thai/recipe/pad-thai?q=Pad+Thai (chiming in as a Thai who grew up there). Pailin is pretty good too though.

      • +1 for recipetineats Pad Thai recipe. Easy to make and beats 95% of restaurants (usually too sweet).

    • This is not every place but I find some pad thai very watery before they stir fry it almost like not strained enough

      It supposed to be dry with lots of wok hay

    • And give you a slice of lemon to squeeze over when it has to be lime. My sister said she hates Pad Thai because she had bad ones. I finally found a good one and gave her a taste and she loves it.

  • Favourite thai place in town open at 5 pm. If the restaurant is not there right now, the restaurant not participating in this promo? Anyone got a clue?

    • yeah. it should come up in the list, showing as order ahead. even i got a few Thai restaurants near to my house, but none came up in the list. Surprising a few Indian and Vietnamese places were in the list.

    • Nah usually with these promos if the store isn't open then it won't come up in the list when you click the promo banner. Try and check now and see if it has come up!

      • Yep you are correct. Only those who are open and participating in this promo. The wife doesnt want and im on 20:4 fast with no dinner. All good.

        • Can always schedule for future if you're not hungry at the moment!

          • +1

            @nicholasv: Thanks for the head up. Lunch sorted. Pad thai and green curry for lunch in the future.

  • +3

    Thanks OP - just got a Pad Thai & Khi Mao for $22.47 delivered.

    Dinner for me and partner sorted!

  • Got a few Vietnamese, Thai, Indian n Malaysian restaurants on the list. But Pad thai is a bit over rated tbh

    • Yeah agree. Just got one kinda bland so gonna fix it up with some wok action lol

    • +2

      i don't see the allure of Pad Thai either, it's sweet and savoury at the same time. I prefer Pad Kee Mao.

  • +8

    Make sure to check against store offers too, I stacked with BOGOF Spring Rolls and $8 off $30 spend, to get 8 Spring Rolls and Pad Thai for $5 Delivered from Noodle Box. The min spend is applied on the pre-discount amounts, so best to see stores with "Multiple Offers Available" to try and stack the discounts.

    • How do you filter by "Multiple Stores Available"? Don't see the option

      • +1

        You can't really filter it, you just need to search Pad Thai on the app and see if any stores have X Offers Available listed on the store photo / tile. If it does, you can stack these together but it's relatively rare. Worth giving it a go anyway to see if any stores around you have a similar thing available

        • Yeah ended up finding one that has a tonne of extra offers

    • Thanks king. Was going to place an order at my usual place but decided to keep looking for one that said "2 offers available". Found one with $15 off a $30 spend. Order 1x chicken pad Thai and 1x green curry for $7.47 delivered

  • +2

    I ordered some thai food from a place on uber ests the other day with a thai name, had good reviews. Part of my order was some spring rolls. Long story short spring rolls came in a noodle box, box and the pad thai also tasted like noodle box. Ive lost faith in uber eats and fake restuarant fronts. Only order off places youve heard of or been to, to be safe.

  • Selected restaurants? Which one?

    • +1

      You'll see the offer as you scroll through Thai restaurants, just browse

      • Must be targeted, I go thru 50+ store, only got free item with $35spent etc.

  • +2

    Not coming up in my Uber ONE

    • Same :'(

    • +2

      Did you filter by Thai and scroll through? Got heaps in mine, nearly every Thai restaurant. It has a gold banner "Free with $20 purchase" on the store image, plus a promo box inside when you click a restaurant.

      • +1

        Where are you located?
        I'm in VIC and literally none have them

        • +1


        • +3

          I’m inner city Melbourne. 80 Thai restaurants and half have this offer

          • @choofa: I'm south east and can't find a restaurant at all.. hrmm maybe out of luck on this one

        • +1

          Got some Thai restaurants with the gold banner in Melbourne probably half with the deal and half without

      • Yeah, only one Thai restaurant around me, that's prob why

    • same…. not coming up those15 thai places around my area
      NSW 2147

      • Maybe you guys have to move house. Just kidding sorry it's not working for you!

  • Shows up in mine for the 2 decent local Thai joints. Win!

  • +1

    Anyone know how long "while supplies last" offers from UberOne usually tend to last? I don't recollect seeing one before.

  • +2

    • Go to the Thai section
    • Look for the gold circle like symbol which means free delivery with Uber one
    • Under the listing should say something like free item (spend 20+) which is which is generally the pad Thai
    • You can make multiple orders for different days of the week, but it’s only one order per restaurant (I’ve got one coming tonight, Thursday & Sunday) (I also checked google reviews for each one)

    • +3

      As someone mentioned above you can also stack offers within one restaurant. Got Crying Tiger + Free Pad Thai + 2x Chicken Fried Rice (Buy One Get One Free). So $11.50 ea for 4x meals. Pad Thai and Fried Rice are good for freezing if you can't have them all this week. Your suggestion above is perfect for also getting cheap meals for the week.

      • +2

        Didn't know you could eat tiger in Australia. What's it like?

        • +7

          Emotional. Cos it was crying

    • +1

      multiple orders? could only use the offer once

      • Once per restaurant! Try another. I ordered from two restaurants tonight to get my meals for tomorrow sorted too

      • +1

        I think it takes the system a little bit to realise that the promo has been used. I had the ability to place a second order at a seperate store but didn't proceed as I was going to double check the dates. Forgot about it and just checked again but it's gone now, so must've triggered

        • +2

          You’re right offer also gone after I used. Glad I used it twice across two restaurants.

  • Not showing up for any in central Sydney, not sure if just me.

    • Nothing for lower north shore Sydney either

  • Omg comments flooded now since the 6 month deal. Anyways, is there an expiry on this one?

    • This is a weekly Uber One benefit, usually ends on Sunday

    • And can always preorder for future date in case they pull the pin early

      • +1

        Can even preorder for after the promo expires

  • Not bad, stacked with my $30 Uber one welcome voucher, ended up getting three mains (pad Thai being one) and two entrees for under $45 delivered from my local Thai joint. That's like early 90s price

  • Not coming up. This is either targeted or depends on your postcode.

  • thanks OP - grabbed 1. gee pad thai is expensive these days ….

    • Yeah I look for the ones with free protein. Some charge $3+ just for chicken to be added. General prices are all over the place I agree. Some $14 some $19 but I’m sure they’re all similar quality

      • I don't use these services often.. but 20+ is way more than I would pay for the dish on its own. My last uber eats order (from same place) had pad Thai for $14.90.. September 2021. Now $7 more!
        Also, weirdly their direct menu has it several $ cheaper than UE too?
        Is the rest of that all UE fees and charges? Where UE One has reduced fees too.
        Oh well. I do like pad Thai..!

        • Several places sell pad thai for around $14 or less if they discount. I mean it’s a really cheap dish to make. Cash cow for these restaurants

  • +3

    Does this offer havean expire date?

  • Ordered twice from different restaurants and now the offer has disappeared from my app. :/

    • Disappeared after one order on mine

    • One time use. Surprised you got 2 orders in lol

      • +2

        If you're quick enough you might be able to place multiple orders it seems

        • Thank you, I'm gonna give that a try when I order this deal :)

  • Can’t seem to see any Thai restaurants that have this offer in Belconnen area of ACT. Or no Thai restaurants in my delivery area that have this offer. Slightly disappointing as there’s a few restaurants.

    • Dewok Belco is on the list.

      • Aw man now I’m really disappointed. I see Dewok (Dewok’s great btw) but it doesn’t have the “Spend $20 get free item” text. Added over $20 worth of food and then a pad thai but nothing shows as far as a promo option. Other restaurants have a similiar-ish promo but not for pad thai or anything especially desirable/valuable. I have Uber One too of course cause of the other post. I would think maybe my $30 off voucher was interfering it but other people seem to indicate the promos stack and also I can see the green text on other restaurants before I even start adding things. Targetted maybe?

        I only added Uber One this afternoon so hopefully it might show the promo tomorrow.

        Appreciate the reply though, thank you.

        • I can eat Fried Rice with Bake Pork Chop Cutlet all day everyday.

          • @CodeXD: I’m being discriminated upon. Still no promo for them showing today in Uber or Uber Eats.

            I like their beef brisket soup. Will have to try your one with my $30 off vouchers.

            • @hetzjagd: Are you sure you are uber one member?

              Maybe your address isnt eligible? I'm able to order it to civic ahaha

              • @CodeXD: Yeah I am, it shows in my profile and says money saved this cycle $0.00 (haven’t ordered anything yet) and gives me the manage membership option. I’m in Belconnen so closer to the store than civic. I’m only especially disappointed as the deal seems to not be targeted.

                I rock ios 15.1 but still get updates for the Uber apps and similar promos show. Menulog however seems to require 15.5 to get more updates.

                I’ll try have a look at it via pc + browser later.

  • +1

    No offers near NSW 2220

    • Thai thae

    • That's odd. I saw over half a dozen restaurants with this offer around 6pm

      • Store needs to be open when you're searching via the promo banner. If you search stores manually and find a participating store then it will still work for pre-order though

  • Targeted? Only got $20 off $50 groceries order.

    • Do you have Uber One?

  • I preordered for today & they just canceled my order. :/

  • my order got cancelled too.. wth??

    promotion also no longer available as it considered used.. I am chatting via live chat to have them reinstated and they asked for the screenshot for the actual promotion. I don't have it anymore.. can someone please post the screenshot of the promotion? thanks..

    • don't get your hopes up. I've found the live chat people don't know about the promos. they are maybe just asking for that as part of their call handling process, not a means to help you. they'll probably just turn around and say "oh so even if your order got cancelled we have no way to manually apply the promo again to your account, sorry sir or madame"

  • Found one in syd called thaiphoon in Burwood

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