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20% off Selected Chairs + Shipping @ Steelcase

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Saw this today, I guess its not the cheapest it's been but if someone is looking to buy one of the best ergonomic office chairs soon, this is a good option according to multiple reviewers.

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  • No shipping to QLD sadly (I've asked)

    But they have another distributor here, which also has some discounts…

    • Oh yeah, i tried reaching out to arki as they had the discount earlier and they dont ship to ACT.

  • -2

    Leap chair is horrible I bought 2 in good condition recently and sold both. Extreme lumbar curve even without the lumber insert. Very thin, seat that curves towards the back causing tailbone pain.

    • +1

      that's an uncommon opinion sites such as - rate this chair very highly.
      What chair do you use now if you dont mind me asking?

      • BTOD and Crandall (both USA resellers of used Leap chairs) shill them because its their main business. The Leap used market is huge so they resell alot of them.

        I have a Haworth Zody.

      • Also you can find heaps of used Leaps on marketplace/gumtree etc it'd be safer to get one of those then resell it if you don't like it. Steelcase offers 14 days returns but the shipping and restocking fee adds up to about $250 so it's a risk

        • that's a good point, I know someone locally is selling a used but new condition leap v2 for $750
          But the downsides of that are that there is no warranty or after sale support - dont know if this would even be required

          considering its double to get brand new one shipped.. not sure if it makes financial sense to buy new.

          but then again financial sense when buying a 1600 rrp chair..? lol

          I'll have a look at the Zody.

          • @MustardKetchup: $750 is wayyyyy too high, i bought mine for $300 each. resold for the same.

            • @supergolf10: damnnnn not sure if i could find anything close to $300, recent ones have sold for around 500 for meh condition

            • @supergolf10: Depends where you are.. Never saw one this cheap in QLD, been looking out for one for a while
              Most are not in the condition I'm ok with also

    • I don't have this chair so haven't sat in it for hours, but I tried it for short periods numerous times and it's the only chair I ever liked and that fits me
      My colleague who has the chair likes it

      • +1

        yeah I've heard mostly great things, tossing up whether its $1400 delivered good lol

        • Considering people pay nearly $1000 for sectetlab… lol

          • +1

            @Woody982: Oh partner has that,not a fan at all lol
            I ended up forkin out 1230 on a local pickup leap v2 black

            • @MustardKetchup: What do you think? Thought about getting one of these or a hermal miller for atleast a couple years now. I have a secretlab omega (2018) that i dont like lmao. But in saying that i did only pay about $550 back then, so a bit better value for money than what they currently are.

              Was that a new or used price you picked it up for?

  • Umm its okay, its not life changing
    maybe need to use it more have only used for about 2-3 hours lol

    defs more comfortable than my ikea one and secret lab

    • Hey mate, what are your thoughts now you've had it for a few more weeks?

      • hey I really like it!
        Im pretty happy wouldnt go back to the ikea one or secret lab.
        for about 1200 pickup i guess im okay with…

        if they had more colours id go the grey one (just bought the black one, thats all they had at my local seller in canberra)

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