Best/Cheapest Plan for an Apple Watch for My Kid?

My daughters like to hang out after school and instead of the usual “can we stay longer?” when I go to get them, I was thinking about getting the oldest an Apple Watch so she can let me know when they’re ready.
I don’t want to give her a phone, but I realise the watch needs to be connected to a phone plan.
If anyone has their kid setup with an Apple Watch, what plan are you using?


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    I think Optus does a $10 month to month plan as well as couple others.

    Truphone does an Apple Watch specific plan for $10.99/month or $99/year with a dedicated line so not reliant on phone number share. 7 day trial to try it out too.

    Needless to say you need an Apple Watch with GPS+Cellular verison not the WiFi only one and there's quite likely to be new ones announced on 13th Sept pushing existing model prices down further.

    • Thanks for that. I might go suss Optus out right now

      • Sadly, Optus dont do the Apple Family setup (watch operating without number sharing to a tethered phone). In Australia only Truphone do this. Both my kids have an apple watch setup like this. Truphone use the vodaphone network - I find the reception isn't great but YRMV.

        • Ended up getting the SE 2 from Telstra on a $19.95/month plan and signing up to Truphone on the $99/year plan. Thanks Hybroid for the suggestion!

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    This guide by another ozbargainer outlines a cheaper way of getting cheap prepaid eSIMS working on non-Apple smartwatches.

    Though personally I would just give the kids a low-end android or a Nokia feature phone. LTE enabled Apple watches are still double or even triple the price of a low-end mobile.

    • I don’t want to give her a phone

      can manage parental controls for apple watch from parents' ihphone

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        That is a feature on any smartphone nowadays. Google Family Link is an app you can install on both iPhone (IOS 11 or higher) and Android, you can use it to restrict a whole bunch of stuff on child devices and also monitor their location via GPS.

      • the catch is the parent has to own an iphone

    • Thanks! My Samsung watch finally has LTE working.
      No such hack for the Apple Watch then? The Truphone thing cripples the watch, as it no longer works with a phone, just meant for kids.

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    how did we survive without all this tech.
    I swear very soon we need to make a public apology for the spoiled generation

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