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Hi forum,
My daughter signed up for a ANZ velocity rewards card 6 months ago,with a sign up bonus of 60,000 points.She has met all spending criteria,but ANZ are refusing to give her the bonus sign up points because she failed to click on the auto redemption button.
But they are issuing her points on her monthly spend.The ANZ call centre are hiding behind the T&C saying if you don't auto redemption,bad luck.
What to do?

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    If it's in the T&C's when you signed up, and you failed to do what the T&C's say, then there's not much you can do.

  • Cancel the card and move onto the next one and use this as a lesson to read the T&C.
    Other banks like NAB also have this as a criteria.

  • Just cancel it and move on, there are other offers for Velocity anyway. If you close it today, you can return to this card after 18-24 months.

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    Raising a complaint is free, and often enough hassle that they’ll shrug and give it to you.

  • Just to report back to forum,I registered a complaint to bypass the Indian call centre and told them I am going to ACFA about them withholding my points and a nice Australian man rang and said they would pass on the points to my daughter…….,some justice out there if you try hard.

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