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[VIC] RACV Bike (Bicycle) Assist $23.50/Year (50% off) @ RACV


Hey all, first time poster, so pardon if I don't get things right.

RACV has their Bike Assist deal again, so $23.50 for a year of assistance as required.
For bicycles

  • 24/7 service
  • 8 call outs/year
  • Taxi service up to $50 to "take you and your bike anywhere"
  • RACV Benefits

Deal expires 29/9

Coupon code RACVBIKE_50

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  • +3

    I’ve used their service a few times - it’s worth it alone for the free “I’m broken down and need a taxi” trip.

    The staff only know the basics - tube change etc. but good value for what you get.

    • Do they change the tube for free?

      • Yep. And they bring the tube (when you make the call, they ask for your tyre size so they can be sure the truck coming has the correct tube size). No cost for the tube, the change, or inflating.

    • If they can’t repair the bike on the spot how long do you end up waiting for the taxi from the initial phone call?

  • -4

    Taxi service up to $50 to "take you and your bike anywhere"

    Thanks… Was wanting to take my bike to Tassie for a ride.

    • +6

      Visiting your sister/wife?

      • +2


  • Could this be used with an electric scooter?

    • Nice idea but might be call out more often due to no battery? 😆

      • Yeah lol

    • +1

      Specifically excluded in the FAQs

  • Has there been something like this for motorcycles?

    • +1

      Isn’t that just road side assistance?

      • No idea. I think I saw something similar to this posted a year or two ago for mototcycles but missed out on it. Not sure what it was called either.. 😪

        • +2

          Just look for.normal car roadside deals

          • @Tleyx: Indeed. It's normal road assist.

            Source: I got one.

  • +4

    You can use RACV Bike Assist for more than just bike breakdowns. Our service is available for a range of purposes, for any reason that stops or prevents your ride.

    Things like:
    - unsuitable weather conditions (rain, heat or wind)
    - injury and physical exhaustion
    - change in riding plans
    (i.e. I'd rather take a taxi.)
    - getting lost
    (Could you please pick me up from …. )
    - no water or hydration.
    (For those times you want a cool beverage but don't want to pay expensive service station prices)

  • -6

    what the hell, that cost more then my bike.

  • +1

    NSW equivalent????

  • Can you get a taxi without the bike?

    • +1

      Just say it was stolen and you need a ride back home

      • +1

        sir, why do you lose your bike at 5pm monday - friday every week.

        • +1

          And 2am Saturday night

      • Nah you cant do that theft is an insurance event not a breakdown event

  • Thx op. $21.55 after multi policy discount

  • Can they handle tubeless tyre changes?

    • No, based on experience.

      They sent the same car mechanic to deal with your bike stuffs.

      Use this only for taxi service and dont expect anything from the mechanic as they dont even have the inner tubes to replace my bike's 40mm tubes.

  • Was thinking motorbikes not push bikes🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    Is it half price for unicycles?

    • +2

      It’s actually double price for unicycles due to the increase risk of liability

  • +1

    Good for the movie tickets also (Racv Rewards), thanks OP

  • +1

    So can you get 8x$50 taxi trips?

    • Wouldn't they try to fix the bike first

      • +1

        Nope, as the option to choose a taxi or mechanic happens when you call them.

        So you can pretty much say you get muscle cramp and they'll send a taxi.

        • -1

          We will see, i doubt that would work eight times

          • @Tleyx: Its no hack.

            Its covered in their policy if you are "too tired to continue".

            I never used up the 8 times but i've used this twice when i got muscle cramps and once i asked for a mechanic but the person they sent had no idea about bikes (didn't even carry a 40mm tube) so i ended up asking for a taxi which could fit both me and my wife who was riding along with me.

  • Will they pedal for me when I get tired?

  • Looks like my trip to the airport - initialy planned 'to ride', but I'm now feeling tired / thirsty - might be sorted

  • Taxi service $50 total, or per trip?

    • Per trip

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