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XFX Speedster MERC319 Radeon RX 7800 XT Graphics Card Black, 16GB $919 (QICK $879) + Delivery ($0 VIC, NSW C&C) @ Scorptec


Fresh Ars technica review, basically RX6800 XT + fancy features.

Less premium QICK 319 version for $879, thanks @BennyHe2018

This is launch price, inb4 "where is the deal" muppets. BTW, I still think 6950 XT is a better deal.

Comes with Starfield Premium redemption keys.

  • RX-78TMERCB9
  • XFX Speedster MERC319 Radeon RX 7800 XT Black (Boost: 2565 MHz)
  • 16GB GDDR6 (19500MHz)
  • PCI-E 4.0
  • HDMI 2.1
  • 3x DisplayPort 2.1

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    XFX Speedster QICK319 Radeon RX 7800 XT CORE Gaming 16GB is $879 at Scorptec:


  • +7

    I don't like it

  • Given the recent sale prices of the 4070 at or under $800, this is a weak move by AMD pricing it based on NVIDIA's MSRP (ignoring sales).
    Unfortunately the stock of new 6800 XT's have practically run dry in Australia locally, which this card is essentially on par with.
    Definitely a wait for sale product in my books.

    • get last ones quick :)

    • While I agree on the sales price comparison, this is $500 USD, while the 4070 MSRP is $600 USD.

      I'm sure we'll see that officially shift soon, but at least prices have been genuinely below that mark this generation.

    • +2

      The cheapest RTX 4070 is $880 right now.
      There is no clear winner here.

    • +4

      it is just bad price in Aus. our 4070 is about 880 right now, but in US it is around 600 USD.

      While our 7800 XT is still 900 and it is 500 in US.

  • +2

    Wonder if this will prevent any more price drops for 7900xtx for a bit

    • +2

      Prices have definitely been stale on this front for awhile

    • +1

      Unfortunately I think that's probably true. 7900xtx price stable.

    • Yep, but probably even more so now ;/

  • +2

    AMDs naming system is based on what it is targeting on the Nvidia side.
    Nvidia naming is based on price not performance.
    Therefore this Gen both AMD and Nvidia naming is not inline with previous generations.

    • +1

      RDNA3 was targeting higher performance but they stuffed up some design elements and wanted to fix some of them by making 600W flagship cards, which would have gone down like a sack of bricks.

      NVIDIA is juggling parts price increases, AI demand, having considered MCM/chiplet as part of the design philosophy (also in 50 series, but MCM might not take until 60 series), and found themselves with extremely performant - but somewhat expensive - chips.

      A re-think on consumer margins and volume/revenue expectations, and a smartly crafted refresh can fix their price to performance issues before the 50 series launch in early 2025.

  • How would this compare to a 8gb RTX 3070 upgrade wise

    • +6

      Don't bother, wait for RTX 50 series.

      • Thanks, it seems like it. Also the ray tracing performance is pretty bad on these cards.

        • +1

          I think they're probably banking on being able to do something like NVIDIA are planning to do with DLSS3.5…

          We'll probably see FSR3.5 (haha) doing the ray tracing reconstruction to make up for the lacklustre raw RT capabilities

          • +5

            @kudoz: My 3070 is just fine currently at 1440P, so holding out for another year will be ok

            • @Commodore64: Yeah i'm sticking to my 6700XT @ 1440p. This new gen simply doesn't have performance to warrant it. Same with the gen13 and am5, nowhere near the leap forward to warrant an upgrade

  • +1

    This is launch price, inb4 "where is the deal" muppets.


    • Lol, you’re right

  • The Qick looks better to me as its a true dual slot card, still unnecessarily long at 335mm though. Are we getting the reference model in Australia? That looks like it'd be a great SFF card.

  • +22

    The greatest con from this generation is AMD pretending to compete with NVIDIA when they are both colluding on a stagnant and overpriced GPU market

    The RDNA 3 chiplet architecture is straight up garbage and even worse when scaled down

    After 3 years, the 7800 XT gives 3% raster uplift, 5% better RT, nothing substantial for AI/compute and launch prices higher than the $800 deals for the 6800 XT

    10% less power usage and AV1 encoding are laughable benefits for a completely new architecture on a completely new process

    RDNA 3 has only benefited AMD - the TSMC yields are so good that the 7800 XT is using a full size Navi 32 die rather than than a cut down Navi 31 like the 7900 GRE

    So AMD are making big margins on a fundamentally flawed design and then shifting all the chiplet failures like poor IPC efficiency and high power consumption to end customers

    And now that the RDNA 3 lineup is complete and NVIDIA have given the wink that 40 series pricing will not change, street prices for the 7900 XT (+$100) and 7900 XTX (+$60) have also been jacked over the last few days

    • +3

      You mad, but what does that have to do with this SPECIFIC deal?

      • +1

        Im posted it rather as info only, for history and discussion, to be honest

      • What he said is spot on, this deal is a poor deal because bad value, this is an overpriced card for what you get.
        The entire gpu market is SH!T. Neither amd nor nvidia are your friend and never have been.

    • -2

      I thought 6800 xt = this years 7900 xt
      therefore 7800 xt should not be compared to it - when 6800 xt was out the rrp was around $1100 and you couldn't get any but pay $1400 +++
      not sure why you so mad about this card being on par with it but cost substantially less and has stock

      just my 2c

      • +6

        The thing is that the 6800xt was available since mining crash for 800 new with decent stock. This performance was available a year ago with an older product for 800.

  • this or 4070?

    • 16GB or 8GB…what are your needs, games or content creation? Or just docs, exel and Web browsing?

  • +3

    $780ish is RRP and 7800xt is a 7800, it's on par with the 6800xt and sometimes loses. 7900xt should be around $1100 or less.

    The 7800xt is a 1440p @60fps card. So it's a low end 1440p card.

    Prices are jacked up and naming shenanigans make you think you have a deal when you don't.

  • +2

    get a used 6800xt for $500-600. ideally combine with an eBay voucher. OC and be happy. My used mined on, and still mining, 6800xt is still going strong. heavily OCed while gaming , UV in mining.

    • I didnt buy an ex mining 6800xt a brand new one. Handles everything I throw at it. Cyberpunk was a slight challenge but still held up well.

  • +5

    why is this shite priced exactly like 4070 when 4070 us msrp is 599. cmon australia

  • +3

    glad i chose to go with a $600 used 3080 - similar performance to this but benefits of DLSS and better support for lightroom accleration/AI image editing

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    This is not a bargain.

    MSRP for 7800 XT is 500 USD, and it is been sold as 500 USD on Newegg US.

    So the price should be around 800 AUD. even for a Launch price, it is way too expensive

    For comparsion, 7900 XT is around 800 USD on newegg right now which is around 1299 in AUS so about same.

    Green camp, 4070 is 600 USD over there, about 900 dollars here (slightly better price in Aus).

    So yeah it is a terrible price for AUS right now.

    • +2

      bro what do prices and value have anything to do with OzHistoryandDiscussion

      • +2

        All these Muppets looking for deals on this site! Wrong place jokers!!

    • Prices will probably fall coming weeks. Post crypto boom, they always come out high to test the market, and then drop.

      I always wonder who buys them straight away when they could wait a few weeks to get it cheaper.

  • +3

    Seems a lot of people here are oblivious the the crap AUD at the moment.

    500 USD = about $790 AUD, + Gerry's 10% eff You tax = about $$860 ish…

    Seller have to make a profit right?

    • that's true but I would think the MSRP is already including retailer's margin. it would instead be more like the distributor taking their cut and inflating the price

  • +2

    Why the F%¢€ is it the same as a 6800xt in performance…. Wtf?

    • it's a 7800 non xt. Naming shenanigans are there to trick people into thinking the new #800XT is a jump in performance when they are charging the same price for performance that is years old.

      So yeah it's a rebranded 6800XT performance wise to charge more lol.

      The only benefit AMD has imo is higher VRAM and I'm not sure 16GB is enough to future proof.

      • If you're worried about 16GB then imagine the lackluster 12GB on the nearest NVIDIA competition!

  • +3

    Everyone complaining, and understandably so..

    But what about ppl in the market for a decent 1440p card to last 3-5 years?

    Last gen cards have dried up, second hand is risky and then what else is there other than this?

    I would buy this over a 6800XT or 4070 at same price all day long, overall it beats them both and other than the av1 and better power usage (albeit still high compared to 4000 series) it will also likely have exclusive upcoming benefits ala fsr3/anti lag+ etc.

    • At same price definitely. But the 6800xt is cheaper and the performance is within margin of error, less than 5% + or - depending on the reviewer.

      • +1

        It would need to be a fair bit cheaper to consider over the 7800XT imo

        I can only see it not even $30 cheaper, which isn't enough.

        $847 and not even local stock.

  • Dropped $20 to $899 atm.

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