Give me Feedback! :)

I just built a website I'm still working on currently and would love some feedback for improvement. | (Same site)

It's coded in basic HTML for fast loading.

Based around the USB On The Go Cable.

I know the Order page is a bit iffy I'm working on getting someone to create a more easier affective checkout.

I've just made a large order of OTG Cables so I'll be posting my first deal as a Rep once they come in; and give back to the community personally with $1.50 OTG Cables with Free P/H!


  • +1

    Nice site.

  • Run your text through a spell checker, there are some misspellings. PS: Interesting device.

  • Looks good overall.

    This image needs the text to be fixed. Anti-aliasing/smoothing or perhaps a shadow layer.

    We are so confident in our product. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarentee!*

    Misspelled and should be 1 sentence.

    Australia Stock & Free Postage with Australia Post! Express Overnight Post Available..


    There is a lot of odd capitalization, missing commas etc. in the text on the site.

    You should put an ABN on the bottom of every page.

    The FAQ doesn't actually have any questions.

    Interesting item. So these are micro USB to standard-B cables?

    • Cheers Neil. Taken notes on all your advice. ABN is on its way;

      This cable is excellent. Exactly as you said to standard B connector for any usb device.

  • Site looks good, easy to use.

    However,(maybe I'm just picky or something), but you may want to make the

    WATCH VIDEO about this product

    stand out more in the gray background; you can do this by keeping the gray background, but outlining the works, whilst keeping the white font

    Something, like this

    but you can make the black outline lighter

    • Great feedback :) I'm listening to everything everyone's saying and working on it.

      The spelling will be done soon as well cheers!

  • +2

    Nice site. Almost make me want to pull out my PayPal detail.

  • Looks pretty good :-)
    * I would advise going over the descriptions (especially on the main page) with intense scrutiny. It's not that they're grammatically wrong (in most cases), but a lot of sentences just don't sound right. It's probably better to present yourself professionally, rather than trying inject overzealous advertising into every sentence fragment.
    * Another thing: you may want to phrase the Frequently Asked Questions section a bit better (ie: under the headings of actual questions) I find it easier, myself, to read that stuff when looking at clear, concise questions relevant to me, instead of a heap of text.
    * And maybe make those pictures at the bottom of the order page a bit smaller. Being the most standout images at the order section, such a large size is a bit irritating and redundant.
    * Perhaps move the 'buy now' button so that its level with the drop down box?
    * Not really an issue, but have you considered adding an image viewer (like lightbox, or something) so that viewing pictures is a bit more sophisticated? Not essential, but it would be a nice touch.
    * Also, your "[email protected]" link doesn't work (is it supposed to be "mailto:[email protected]", instead of "mail:"?) Changing the link to "mailto:" in my browser prompted an email application, just so you know.
    /my 2 cents (hope I didn't sound too harsh)
    Other than that, it's looking good. Can't wait to order from you, provided you have the right price ;-)

  • Puts on web content writing hat

    If I had to say anything "bad" it would be that your content is too "talky".

    Put that tone in about me page if you like, but try and stick to as little unneeded detail as you can everywhere else.

    What people will want to know is what it can do, how much it costs and how they can get it

    for example:

    USB On-The-Go Australia

    The next generation of Technology - that's OK you want to make a catchphrase

    This small USB Cable opens the possibilities of technology to every aspect - "possibilities of technology to every aspect" is extremely vague and acually says nothing.

    Try putting "this small USB cable" at the front of the next paragraph and ditch the rest

    add the compatibility here as well

    So you get

    This small USB Cable allows compatible smartphones to:
    » Connect to your Storage Devices.
    » Print from your Local or Wireless Printer
    » Wireless Keyboard & Mouse(a bit confusing by the way)

    re "The list goes on! With the in-built software already installed into your Smartphone; You are able to access virtually any device that is compatible without the hassle of Device Drivers!

    this paragraph means nothing - the list does not go on.

    and on the compatibilty page

    "So you may already know what the USB On-The-Go Cable is, and what it does. But if you don't I'll describe it now"- paragraph not needed you do not need to tell people you are going to tell them, you just tell them :)

    "The intentions of Samsung was to counter Apple with a smartphone that added additional features that Apple just couldn't do." - a little talky - put a note that apple devices do not have this functunality at the bottom of the table (where it really matter)

    "This was On-The-Go. This open platform allows any USB 2.0 Device to be connected directly to your smartphone with the normal features that you'd get from your PC or Laptop. Of course this would have to also be supported by applications to view .PDF, .DOCX and other formats of information but the brilliant idea just WORKS! You can play and transfer Music, Movies and Documents. Directly from the USB On-The-Go Cable. The USB On-The-Go Cable connects to your Mobile Handset or Tablet via there USB Port (MicroUSB, Mini USB)"

    • cull to the main points, avoid informal comments like "it just works", don't duplicate information and create at least two-three paragraphs to assit the reader

    'This is an example of the USB On-The-Go Official Licensed Samsung Product. These retail for $59.90 - firstly you don't have an example on the page, secondly do you really want them to get annoyed because you have a picture of their product on your page?

    Put a picture up of your product - that's what people are buying after all. Oh and you don't need to say "this is an example" you put the picture up and caption

    I am too tired to keep trawling through and doubt I have expressed my suggestions properly but its a start. Too tired to make them pretty.

    The only other immediate things is why don't you make a video of your product rather than use a long video that actually only shows what the "officially" branded products do - at least from what i can tell

    and in your FAQ you have a section on "features" that really needs to be on the home page or somewhere else - a FAQ is a spot to answer questions not a place to introduce critical sales information

    its sleeptime for me now :O

  • oh one other thought if USB on the go is a trademarked term it may get sticky for you should the owners of that trade mark get annoyed.

    i could be competely misunderstanding but it seems that might be an issue?

  • Comment on the product? I think it looks awesome. I can't wait for you to release these to OzBargain. Just hope I don't miss it :)

  • There's nothing worst than looking to purchase something over the Good Ol' Internet and not knowing what you're going to get. We under stand this so here is a demonstration of what you can do with the On-The-Go Cable. All rights reserved YouTube™

    understand is one word….

    Same page

    30 Day Money Back Guarentee


    Looks a great product……

  • 12 Month 24 Hour E-mail Support

    I'm not sure this is necessary, as it doesn't really mean anything…. everyone knows that they can email 24 hrs a day, and I'm assuming you don't mean that there will be support available at 3am. I'd maybe remove it completely, or at least remove the '24 hour' bit.

  • Again, on the video page….

    The video is actually 27 minutes long….. You might see if you could edit that to get the main features into just a couple of minutes…… It's no good having a great feature if people have to wait, (and stream) 27 minutes worth of video to see it…. most people will have long gone by then….


    Wow…. lots of spelling and grammar problems…

    and, as Neil and others have already noted, no actual questions

    I'd cut and paste the whole text into word or similar and run spell and grammar check, then think up the questions that suit the answers you have already provided…. or change from an FAQ page to a 'terms and conditions' page, as that is kind of how it reads at present

  • The text thoughout the website is so full of errors that site credibility is very low as it stands. Is the writer dyslexic? (eg. Nokia "Lumnia").

    Technical details are littered with errors and need serious fact checking.

    For example, the sentence "Although the Acer Nexus 7 (Google) is not Confirmed there is no doubt it will work with a required update of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Operating System", makes no sense at all and is factually incorrect in several ways. The Nexus 7 is made by Asus, not Acer and runs Android Jelly Bean, which IS the updated version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but still does not natively support On The Go technology. The statement, "Supports USB 2.0 Devices Only" is rubbish - what about backwards compatible USB 3.0 devices?

    The website text needs LOTS of detailed editing and correction - at present it is a very amateurish effort.

    • That's fine. The text is just for layout purposes. As of the site being slow I think you should check your connection the entire site is less than 1mb in size. The images are all compressed. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I think the site needs a bit more whitespace - currently it's a bit cluttered. That, combined with the 'chatty' text (needs to be more to the point) with spelling/grammar errors which others have mentioned, makes the site feel quite dodgy and a site I would not buy from.

    The pictures on the 'order now' page take a noticeable time to load (and this is on an ADSL2 connection).

    The FAQ page isn't really a FAQ page when there are no questions, and just answers! A better approach would be to list a series of questions and some short answers - no-one likes reading a giant essay!

  • +1

    I'm a visual person - It wasn't initially clear what the device is/was without clicking on the compatibility link..

    Maybe i'm a spaz, but i'd have the main image similar to an ikea instruction booklet. Some of the devices down the left hand side, the cord in the middle, and then on the right hand side, a range of devices that require usb.

    • Actually even a scroll system like a slot machine would be pretty cool

  • Your Device Compatibility with the USB On-The-Go Cable

    The cable we offer is 100% Identicle. Made in the same factory departments and support exactly the same features without the hefty price tag.

    The cable we offer is 100% identical, made in the same factory and provides the same features without the hefty price tag.

    there's other stuff like that which needs editing.
    looking forward to getting a cable.

  • Nice…can't wait for the ozBargain price of $1.50

  • "This is an example of the USB On-The-Go Official Licensed Samsung Product. These retail for $59.90.

    The cable we offer is 100% Identicle."

    The Samsung GS3 is USB 3.0 capable. Your cable is not the same, and that's fine. But please don't claim that ESPECIALLY when you use the GS3 as your example 0_0

    • +2

      "This is an example of the USB On-The-Go Official Licensed Samsung Product. These retail for $59.90.

      The cable we offer is 100% Identicle."

      Identical not identicle.

      • unless talking about testicle

  • I like the colours of the site. It is simple and unpretentious. In the Watch the features section, "There's nothing worst than looking to purchase something over the Good Ol' Internet" should be "There's nothing worse than looking to purchase something over the Good Ol' Internet". Good luck and hope you get ozbargained :)

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