expired Tera $9.99 - Buy 1 Get One Free (Amazon)


Hey guys,

Was browsing amazon and found that TERA was only $9.99 - with a bonus $9.99 credit for another copy of tera.

This also applies to the Collectors edition ($14.99)


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    Not negging the deal or anything but just letting people know that it's $15/mth subscription..



      I don't think the subscription is planned for long, because in Korea which had the game a year before the west got it, it is free to play.

      They're just making the most of the revenue they can get from people willing to pay, while that lasts and then switching to the long term planned model which is F2P. So if you wait it out, you should be able to play it for free.


        So paying $10 for a copy is completely pointless?


          $10 is not a lot of money… and you still get 30 days of play included which you can play now if you want and then cancel it and not have to wait.

          Not completely pointless IMO.


    Tera is a pretty game and the combat is way better than GW2 imo. GW2 combat is a cross between wow and Tera.


    Never bought digital software from Amazon before. Do they just give you a code and a download link? Is there normally DRM with their software, or some secondary app that needs to be installed to play it (like steam, Origin, etc)?

    I know Tera won't have DRM, but just in general.


    =/ we all knew once guild wars 2 beta cameout and people got to play the gameplay the days of the pay to play mmos were over, only WoW will survive because of the long time dedicated fans but no other will be able to hold out against a game that good for only a buy to play

    tera will go f2p very soon so i wouldnt waste the money on it


      That's a silly comment that keeps getting regurgitated everywhere lately. Subscription models are not dead. I think there are a couple of factors influencing the push towards F2P / B2P (free to play / buy to play) for everything.

      Customer expectation around value for money is different to what it used to be and every new MMO that is to expect a freleased players seem ully featured product that incorporates every aspect of games that came before it (i.e. loads of content, auction house, PvP, no bugs etc).

      I think the focus on F2P / B2P also stems from the current global market where affordability may be an issue (US/EU/everywhere?) - especially where people are interested in several different MMOs.

      Regarding Guild Wars 2 - it's a good game but it's by no means the second coming (they never are). I personally found Tera far more satisfying for combat but lacklustre in the story department. To each their own.

      With reference to the Tera deal - which includes a month of game time (1 month = $14.99) is pretty good. If it has interested you in the past, I'd recommend giving it a go for $10.


    I was just shopping on there - and it said that it's only for US purchases only - am i doing something wrong?