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Citizen White Fugu NY0118-11A $399, BN0162-02X/BN0163-00H $299, BN0166-01L LE $389 Delivered @ Starbuy

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  • The BN0166-01L "Unite with Blue" is the best-looking by far.

    • I have that, the dial is nice. White dials aren't common and I've always wanted a Fugu so I'm getting that

    • hashtag TeamUnite

      • Hashtag , blow your money !

  • I'm getting this: https://starbuy.com.au/citizen-promaster-200m-dive-watch-eo2…

    Something for the weekend?

    • I think it's the nicest out of the 37mm. I have plenty of black and blue watches and a vintage mini skx

    • +2

      Luckily I only bought the fugu. I'm loving this price war, and I just use variations of my gmail for the extra $20 off.

      WD is not f'ing around. SB needs to step up.

      Thanks for the links homie

      • +1

        Wish I had the space and money!

        • I only have the unite with blue LE, but I'm gonna sit this one out and see how low they can go for the other ones. The 37mm ones were $350 a week ago now they're $250

          • @rosebank: Reckon they'll get much lower?

            Mind you that's what I thought about the Unite, and it went much lower.

            • @Astronaut Joe: I got the Unite with SB's super secret VIP code for $450 and thought it was a deal. I can see the 44mm getting to $249 and 37mm to $199, but that's if they take their gloves off. I'm happy to sit back and see if WD continues to undercut SB's weekend and daily deals.

              The extra $20 off is a huge factor in this fight. WD don't care if you use a new email.

  • Fugu too!

    • No Fugu!

  • +1

    If you can't decide which of the BN016x Promasters that you want (what? You're only getting one?) here's a video of all three:

    • The grey band one is growing on me. I was gonna get both anyway but waiting on the SB v WD war to ramp up

      I have the Unite on a maroon nato. it looks good

  • Does anyone know if this Bulova skeleton is a reasonable deal on the current sale at $369?
    I can't find info about which Miyota movement. Cheap end? At least the strap looks quick releasable?
    Think it would look too big on 6.5" wrist?

    • Miyota are great movements. They're a Citizen-owned brand, and in common use among mostly smaller and micro-brands.

      I don't know the full dimensions of the watch case, but if the diameter is 41mm, I'd estimate the lug-to-lug (top to bottom) measurement at ~46mm. That would be marginal for a 6.5" wrist, but it also depends on the shape of your wrist. If it's relatively broad and flat, you could get away with it if you like the look and feel of a larger watch.

      Edit: as for the value question, that's not for me to say. This brand doesn't vibe with me personally, and there are cheaper skeleton watches out there. Depends on your budget and what you believe to be value or not.

      Current Chrono24 listings suggest the price is good:

    • My bet is the 8N24 std auto.

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