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[Oculus VR] $0 Mechanisms @ Oculus App Lab/ Meta Quest


Enjoy :)

Step into an immersive VR game where history and physics converge! Construct intricate devices using historic gear mechanisms created by real-life professors, in a stunning workshop environment. Players unlock the secrets of centuries-old inventions. With authentic puzzles, masterfully manipulate gears, levers, and pulleys. With stunning visuals, become a true master of mechanisms. Get ready to tinker, experiment, and unravel the mysteries of the past. The workshop awaits your arrival—let the journey begin!

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  • +2

    I avoid App Labs stuff and mainly due to being unable to delete the bloody things off headset after giving them a go.. Am I missing the obvious?

    • +1

      I think you can physically delete them but they show in the list of previously installed which is the problem so make things look a bit untidy. Not sure if they have fixed that issue as yet.

      • Yes one can delete and as you noted all the residual crap that shows up so hard to know what one has verses actual.I just avoid App Lab stuff. Just wish Meta would sort that out and clear all stuff no longer installed.

        • Given that this has been an ongoing feature request for some time I suspect that they aren’t implementing it as it may have a negative impact on their earnings.

    • This does suck - however once uninstalled they do ‘grey’ out and eventually, once you play everything else more they’ll disappear to the bottom of the app list. If you find you only play a few games you can just pin them to the bottom bar now - so never have to see the mess the full app listing may become!

      You can also select to only see installed games in the search option, but it’s not default and it doesn’t ‘stick’ 😞

      • +1

        Yeah that quite a big bug regarding the setting not sticking.

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