Are Bunnings Serious with Their How-to Videos? Awful Videos & Results!

How to clean tile grout…

I was watching a Bunnings video on how to clean grout after I purchased grout cleaner and brush and am bewildered by how awful their videos are.
All their videos seemed to be filmed in very old, completely dilapidated 'houses' that look like they are in a shanty town.

The staff hosting the videos seem to do an awful job, and don't inspire confidence in their advice, technique or products.
In the grout video the guy has trouble from the get-go, having difficulty putting on his dust-mask. He then uses a grout-tool that does virtually nothing, and he knows it, so he goes attacking it using a grout pen to apply white paint to the grout… of which more is applied to the tiles than the actual grout…

After his 'efforts' the staff member made in cleaning made no difference they seemed to have hired professional grout cleaners, added flattering lighting and edited the videos to correct the sad-depressed original colours.

The videos are the opposite of inspirational.

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    Not sure if this thread is just a wind up but if you want good DIY video tutorials for home improvement you can't go past Bill's how to

    • I went to his youtube channel. The youtube videos are 1000x better.

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      DIY video tutorials you can't go past Bill's how to

      God rest his soul 😢

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        I don’t get it..

      • He posted a video a day ago so what are you talking about? I tolerate your nonsense JV but this seems clearly a step too far.

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      I was sure you’d be linking to this

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        Hand me my patching trowel boy.

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          Did you stock up on metal stucco lath?

    • Bill is a genius

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      The Bunnings videos are just to give you an idea of what’s involved. To let you decide if you want to do the project. Nothing more.
      They are not intended to be detailed instructional videos.

      Seems everyone gets that except OP.

      As many point out detailed instructions can be found elsewhere.

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        What are you talking about? Did you even look at the page or read my post properly?

  • whats best/lowmaintenance grouts ?

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    I think you're being a bit harsh. It's down to earth, short, simple, no fluff and no editing out the bullshit. We all struggle occasionally to get a mask on. Most importantly there are no ads and the advice is good.

    If you want cinema production quality and a 10 minute story before they commence any work then just stick with YouTube.

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      "If you want cinema production quality"
      That came later in the video… After the guy did his best and it still looked like crap they got in a pro team with pro lighting and editing.

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      That shits me to no end….
      5-10 minutes of someone talking crap, like who cares, get on with it!

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        Or worse they brag about how easy it is to do an intricate specific task, then they pfaff around filming multiple failed attempts, then they skip the actual process, and all you get is the finished look.W*nkers. It wouldn't be so bad if the actual video never delivers on the narrow specific claim in the vids title, (which you searched specifically for) .

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    If you reckon that tiled bathroom was a dilapidated shanty town, may you never have to rent a house anywhere near a university.

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    Do you know the best way to clean tile grout?

    • Place toilet paper along the grout
    • Spray with mold remover and leave to dry (hour or more)

    When you peel off the paper the grout will be clean and mold free.

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      Spray with mold remover

      mould remover would be better…

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      Any chance you could turn it into a 30 min video for OP?

    • I want to try this

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    Well OP, ,clearly YOu know what makes a good video, so show us how it's done.
    What's your experience with 'shanty towns', and where?

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      With grammer like that, I have to ask… Are you having a heart attack? Call 000 or at least get outside the house so people can see you and will call for you.

      If you are still with us, I was watching a video about Khayelitsha in Cape Town, which reminds me of how the Bunnings locations chosen to do upgrades on.

      Why would I want to waste time and money to make you a video? You are just a taker, it never ends with what you ask for. This is, not

      • Grammer = grammar
        I called 000, and they said it's definitely 'G R A M M A R'
        Heart?, strong as a wildebeest.
        What's with watching the shanty town video ? Getting cleaning tips?

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          "What's with watching the shanty town video ?"
          I wanted to see how you live, to try and understand why you are who you are

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    If it's not to your standards, go show us how it's done. There's a war in Ukraine and OP complaining about videos LOL

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      "There's a war in Ukraine and OP complaining about videos LOL"

      What are you doing on OzBargain at such a historic moment… I assume you care so much that you are over there right now… Oh wait, you are just being a hypocrite, and you're actually here… on Ozbargain? How embarrassing.

      Note: I did try and down-vote your comment but I have run out for the day. Please taker this as the downvote.

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        You take criticism very well, I must say.

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          • @Heaps for Cheaps: Thanks for negging all your points on me.
            Badge of honour

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              @Protractor: I only used one, the others were from users that's also shared a similar low opinion on your contributions.

              • @Heaps for Cheaps: Your posse?
                ( several badges of honour, even better )

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                  @Protractor: Have you heard the saying that if you smell something bad everywhere you go, you should check your own underwear?

                  It's the same on OzBargain with negative votes from multiple users.

                  • @Heaps for Cheaps: But I run commando,Fernando.
                    So people are dumping their bad smell on ME!
                    I suspected as much.

  • Just put bleach dude.
    Cannot find another cost effective chemical than that

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      That won't kill the mould. It just, you know, bleaches it.

      • Bleached as…….bro

      • Depending on how old the bleach is probably.
        But 99% of cases bleach would rip and kill that mould out (might need to poke/slice the grout first tho).

        Ofcourse don't be idiot and try to mix it with an acid (you know ammonia, ethanol, etc.)

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      Bleach is not the magical solution for grout mould that people think it is.

      Not only will it just change the colour of the mould, it can't penetrate the silicone/grout.

      The only way to really fix mould in grout (if it's silicone) is to regrout it.

      • Thats why i said need to poke/slice the grout first

  • Better than the youtube videos that start with 5 minutes of their life story, proceeded by inaccurate advice by a home DIY that will cause more damage than good.

    I've found the bunnings workshop forum to be an invaluable source of information from actual tradespeople.

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    I don't understand why do you need a video to clean grout? Repatch a grout yes but cleaning it ??????

    Isn't it just some brushing action and elbow grease plus some surfactant? Do you need to spend more time on the screen to get more elaborate in cleaning? How about doing some actual work on the grout?

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    This channel has some good videos.

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