Claiming TRS Refund without Packaging

I have done a quick search and the official guidance from ABF is as follows:

You can remove your goods from the packaging and use the goods before you depart. You can choose to leave the container/packaging behind as long as the officer can verify the goods against the corresponding tax invoice when the TRS claim is processed.

What I'm unsure about is the part I have bolded above. What exactly do they mean by verifying the goods against the tax invoice? Do they need to see the serial number/model number on the box?

The items I'm looking to claim are an Apple Watch Series 9 and a Fitbit Versa 4 if it makes any difference.


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    On my iPhone they checked the serial number in the settings of the device. No box.

    • Thanks. That's very helpful.

      Did your invoice also have the serial number on it? Mine only has the model number.

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        I had the same issue with an Amazon Invoice for an S23 Ultra (i.e. no IMEI/serial on the invoice) and it was fine.

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          Many thanks to both of you for the helpful comments.

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        It had it on the invoice but it shouldn't matter. They'll just note it in their systems against that invoice.

    • they have never done this with me. twice only eye checked the iphone and that is it.

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    I can confirm that the claim went through smoothly. They didn’t even ask us to show serial number in the settings menu.

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