Anyone Know Anyone in Adelaide That Can Measure/Make/Throw up Curtains Quickly in Adelaide at a Good Price?

Self explanatory.

Friend is finishing a build she's looking to rent out and is struggling to find someone that can do all the above.

As she's renting it she just wants basic curtains thrown in cheap so she can rent the place out ASAP.

Settlement date has been pushed out a year so it's "supposed" to be this Friday but that might also change.

Anyone got any recommendations?



  • Ikea? You could just mount the curtains a bit above the window if necessary.

    Recommend you get it done any way you can. A huge house has been going up next door to me and it's finished and people living in there. Don't know if they renting or own or what, but they don't have curtains, they just stuck bedsheets up on all the windows and it looks atrocious. All that time and effort and a mountain of money building the huge modern house and just ugly ass sheets on the windows :(

  • Ikea or Spotlight or Big W or Kmart have basic curtains. Even if they are the wrong width, thats ok (just buy them larger than the window). You will need the right length/drop (or at least a sufficient drop to get to bottom of the window) but most windows are a standard height so that shouldnt be a big problem.

    The main problem will be if there are very wide windows - hard to get anything from a shop over 210cm wide (although Ikea has a couple of options) and most sets are around 140cm wide (which is a standard single window). If need be, put up 3 curtains. Might look weird but its a quick solution

    Another option is roman blinds or roller blinds, which can be slightly cheaper and might be a better fit for a new build (sleeker etc). Although roller blinds can look tacky IMO

    Ikea is usually the cheapest; in Kmart (for example) the price is per curtain whereas Ikea its the same price for the 2 curtain set. You will also need to get a rod/track. If you get custom made then $500 is a starting price….

    Putting pre made up by yourself is dead easy, just need a screwdriver and perhaps a drill for starter holes for the screws.

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