Lenovo Laptop Dead under Warranty

Hi just need some advice.

I bought Lenovo Yoga 9i a month ago and when I received it, couple of weeks later the motherboard died. Lenovo team said they are happy to give me a refund which I agreed. They said DHL will contact me within 4 business days to send the laptop back. No one from DHL contacted me and it's been over 4 days.

I am sending Lenovo team emails but now they are not responding to my emails. I also have premium support with them. The issue happened 2 weeks ago and unsure what else can I do rather than be just at their mercy.

Can someone please suggest if there is an ombudsman or someone I can raise this issue with to get it sorted?


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    Have you tried “Live chatting” with a Lenovo (Australia) support representative?


    • Yes I have. They keep saying we have sent an email and someone will get back to you but no body does.

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        NSW Fair Trading is the equivalent of an ombudsman for consumer affairs. You can make a complaint if you think Lenovo aren't honouring the warranty in a timely fashion

        But… you might find that all you have to do is tell Lenovo you are planning to make a complaint to NSW Fair Trading if they don't get back to you within x days. Then they will suddenly resolve all the issues very quickly and you won't have to actually make the complaint.

      • I woulodnt worry about Lenovo's integrity

        Maybe short staffed like everyone else

  • Did you get the refund?

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      OP is waiting for DHL to courier Laptop back to Lenovo and presumably the refund then will be made.

      • presumably …… only op can tell us.

    • No of course I didn't get a refund. Waiting for the DHL courier and once i have sent my machine back they will assess it.. over the phone they have confirmed they the motherboard is dead

      • So it is being fixed under warranty then…..

        • Supposed to be a refund. However courier pickup date has been long gone and my emails are not answered anymore. Which is why I am asking for the possible options I can pursue.

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    Sorry to hear that your new laptop died so soon and also that I can't offer anything better than a sympathetic ear. But thank you for sharing your experience with this brand. A quick search reveals that the model you bought starts at over $2k AUD. The calmness of the words you've used shows that you have a high level of patience when faced with a trying matter. I would be very frustrated if this happened to me. I'm curious as to how this situation plays out and what hurdles you end up having to negotiate.

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      Trust me it's very frustrating. I had to wait for 2 hours or there around when the issue happened. The premium support is suppossed to be 24 x 7 and that's their website says. However when the support answered the call they said the Australian team doesn't work 24 x 7 and they can only note down my details and have someone call me next day. The whole premium support thing where they promise to resolve the issue or come back to you in one business day is bullshit.

      Yes I got th i7 top of the range laptop

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      What in the ChatGPT is this

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    This is why I refuse to buy electronics from retailers or the manufacturers themselves. You think these manufacturers will be good at supporting their reputation through quick and responsive actions, but in reality they will first and foremost deny responsibility and put the blame on the user's fault or wear and tear… and at best a $25 voucher on the next purchase.

    For me, it's (profanity) buying directly from Amazon themselves or nothing. Anything goes wrong 2+ years down the road??? They've shove your money back in your mouth no questions asked; upfront refund before they even recieve the return as well.

    • something i will keep in mind for future

      • I had the same issue with HP. Customer service non existent and courier took forever to pick up the faulty laptop. Waited even longer to get my money back.

  • Lenovo is pretty good, I've ordered a bunch of stuff with them and they are pretty helpful. When I was returning my tablet I got an Email from DHL with the shipping label and asking me for an appropriate time to pickup. Maybe that email got lost in spam or something?

    • i have been constantly checking my spam every day and nothing. However regardless why my emails wouldn;t be answered?

      • Did they get your email address correct? Is it a "private" email that doesn't use GMAIL or Microsoft systems? Maybe there is a 3rd party spam filter blocking it?

        • Yes they have my email address correct

  • An ombudsman isn't really going to be anything useful to contact in this case - you'd likely get DHL to contact you back by the time anything useful.

    I can't recall if this is the exact email: [email protected]. Alternatively, there should be a manager email in the email signature you can contact?

  • Mine is completely different experience.
    I had a camera issue on x13 purchased 3 years ago. I raised a ticket for repair on my last week of warranty. They picked up my laptop. ( check your spam for email). It took a month to repair as they had to order parts like new motherboard. Laptop was back and the next day the camera is nlt working again. Laptop was sent to repair again and waiting on parts. After 2 weeks they called me with 3 options. Refund, replacement or wait for repair. I chose refund and they picked up my laptop yesterday. Now waiting for refund.

    I only had basic warranty and purchased one year extra warranty last year with cashback and discount and thank god I did.

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    I have the exact same situation as the OP. I bought a Yoga Pro 9i top spec with Mini Led and waited for almost 2 months for it to arrive. I really love the laptop; it's gorgeous. However, in less than a month, it went black screen and could not turn on. Luckily, I had purchased 2 years of onsite premium support with it. I logged a support ticket with Lenovo and was told it's under a month, and I was offered a refund. So, I opted for the refund route. I was told that I would receive an email from DHL, but I waited for almost a week and didn't see anything. I called Lenovo, and they fixed it straight away. The courier who picked it up from Lenovo was StarTrack. I just received a full refund yesterday.

    Go ahead, call them and follow up constantly. You should get your refund soon without any issues. The whole process had me worried too, but everything is good for now.

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