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Large Green Australian Banana Prawns Thawed $15/kg (Was $20/kg) @ Woolworths


Just saw these Australian banana prawns back at $15/kg at my local Woolies at lunch time. They were decent size. Strangely, they were showing as out of stock last week at the beginning of the catalogue cycle.

With asparagus in season, it's wafu pasta for dinner tonight.

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    With asparagus in season, it's wafu pasta

    That is a recipe for shrimp and not prawns

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      I was expecting the link to go to a pillow website

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    They've been $15/kg at my local coles for weeks now

  • Bought some at the local Woolies yesterday (Ashgrove, QLD) and they were very soft and mushy. Pretty much what you would expect for 15 a kilo.

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      I don't buy them if they show any signs of black around the tail or legs, that means they have been thawed for a while.

  • How do you cook green prawns so they are like the ones in the shop?
    Boil in very salt water and then let cool?????

    • Try steaming

    • Boil pot of water with enough salt to taste like sea water and put prawns in for a few minutes. Then take them out and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process, leave to cool and refrigerate.

  • "Large".

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