Business Class Using Velocity Points - Should I Do It?

Was having a look at using my velocity points for travel in late August 2024

Amsterdam to Perth in Singapore Business (Airbus A350-900) is 121k points + $517 (or 207600 + $0) for 19 hours of travelling.

I have never flown business, or used my points for international so I am not sure if it's a good deal or not?

Help me decide please! I also had a look at Krisflyer, it's 119500 miles (185,225 points) but I do not have this many points


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    I would. It is rare for tickets that match your preferred travel to show up, and if you don’t you will always kick yourself.
    Note also the redemption value for that many points in gift cards or similar makes the bizzo ticket comparable to economy - a bargain in my opinion.

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      And I wouldn’t dawdle. Someone might see this post and grab it!

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      As soon as i saw your comment said rare I committed haha

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    Yes do it. It's a good deal. Have to try it at least once in your life.

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    Purely for the fact you havent flown business and its a 19 hour flight and in one of the best long haul cabins - Do it!

    Will be an experience you will never forget

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    This is why you accrue points for opportunities like this. take it while you can

    • It was this or 4 x return flights to the east coast for our annual family trip but that can wait haha

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    I don't know about the general cost of these flights. But at 19 hours - if I had a choice I'd fly business class. Extra space / relaxing = much better flight experience. Singapore is also meant to be one of the better flights.

    I'd suggest you consider when your points expire for both of these programs and - if you have points in both - whether its worth transferring points from one frequent flyer to another so you can pay with all points.

    I generally do a search on total cost, then a search on points and decide what is the best to use.

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    Treat urself

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    Also consider business class tickets usually gives you access to airport lounges to make a relaxing start to the flight :)

    • Oh yes i will take advantage of this!

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    This is as pretty much as good as it gets for Business Class rewards with Velocity Points - I'd do it!

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    Hell yes! Long leg, Singapore Airlines, excellent business product, relatively new metal. No brainer if you have the points!

    • this is the way :)

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    I have never flown business, or used my points for international so I am not sure if it's a good deal or not?

    Do it!!!

    I have 4x international Singapore Airlines Business Class flights booked for February next year. You'll actually look forward to flying!

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    Thanks for the replies, all the comments hyped me up and I booked straight away. It was the only business seat available in that week so I'm considering myself lucky that it was on the date that I needed!

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      Yay! 19 hours in J class, heaven!

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    Just Do IT.
    Points are depreciating daily and it's well worth it on long trips, especially with SIA.

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    Definitely - you made the right choice.

  • Do it and have a great flight!

  • That is the best way to use points.

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    Terrible idea…once you go business, you can’t go back to economy, it’s painful.

    • There is that.

      • I have to agree with you there! I flew London-Moscow-Tokyo many years ago and was upgraded to business. So glad I had a few days in Tokyo before going back to cattle class.

        BA business class was amazing.

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          One of the first bargains I git with OzBargain was a round the world business class ticket for $3500. For legs of pure bliss.

  • Where do you find these type of fights to use your points on? When I look I only seem to get domestic

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      Login to your account.
      Select Book
      Select Interactive Map
      Select classic rewards
      Select one way or two way depending on your points
      Select anywhere
      Select Business from the drop down.
      Select the months you want to fly

      This should give you a map of the world and what points will give you. You will then need to drill down to work out what dates are available.

  • Just flew business class from Melbourne to Amsterdam and first class from Doha to Perth, both with Qatar Airways and using points. Can confirm it is 100% worth the points! Fantastic experience and makes the long journey so much more enjoyable/tolerable

    • The problem is it is hard to go back to the other end,

      • Yeah I'm not sure if i'll ever do an economy long haul flight now haha annual credit card to get the points to do business flights will be the go I think!

        • Looking at flying next year to Europe. Just playing the “can I find seats and how long am I willing to wait” game at the moment. Just ordered some more wine from Qantas to build up my points a bit more.

    • That is awesome! May i ask how much it cost u for points and taxes? It will keep me motivated!

      • My wife did the majority of the bookings so I don't recall it completely. I think from Melbourne to Amsterdam in business with Qatar Airways, one stop, was approx 115,000 points and maybe a couple hundred in taxes/fees?

  • Just booked two Business Class airfares to Paris in September next year via points.

    • Love this. Singapore? How many points did you use?

      • Qatar via Doha. It cost us 139,000 points each and $900 each. We are Q Suite so our two seats turn into a double bed. As a hint look at how much buying points cost you. We were short by roughly 2500 points so it cost us $80 to get the extras points.

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