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25% off All Products (e.g. Okamato 0.01mm thinnest condoms / Exclude Bundle) + $10 Postage ($0 SYD C&C/ $100 Order) @ Bungee Gum


Hello OzBargainers,

I'm the owner of BungeeGum.com.au, and I've got some news to share. Next month, I'll be heading abroad, and that means our online store will be taking a break until January 2024.

We have a few 001 Okamoto condoms left, and we're offering them at a special price of $12.85 each and all products are now 25% Off.

I believe this is the best deal in AU.

If you find a better deal, just drop us a comment.

Don't miss out on this offer before we take our break. It's a great time to stock up on 001 condoms.

Thank you for your support, and we'll be back to serve you in the new year.

Best regards,
Owner, BungeeGum.com.au

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    is it Japanese size or regular size? I know east asian size is a bit smaller than normal size even in clothes.
    edit: found details: https://bungeegum.com.au/pages/how-to-choose

  • Girls who are allergic to latex must choose non-latex condoms.

    Ahhhhh. That makes sense

  • +5

    we're offering them at a special price of $12.85 each

    Wow really? Seems a bit expensive for a couple of minutes use. I'm pulling out of this deal. Thanks anyway Rep.

    • +1

      better investment than 18 year locked in 0% interest rate alternative

  • +3


    (Also imagining OP going on holiday to Japan and bringing back suitcases full of frangas :) )

  • Buy the largest size. Trust me they are smaller than we have in Oz. Will choke your naughty bro down the crotch.

  • There are always some people who will always say to you: “That thing is too small.”


  • Thinnest condoms for the thinnest penis. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Hisoka must be rubbing his hands together in glee

  • i've bought L size japanese condoms before and they were still too small

  • +1

    so regular too small for most?? do they have xs for me then

  • +1

    lol, your advertising in the wrooooong place🤣🤣

  • Ozbargins favourite condom

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