Is This Deal Legitimate/Trustworthy? Razer Viper V2 Pro on AliExpress

Hey all, I've never posted a deal and I think I may have found one…but for you veterans out there does it look trustworthy and share worthy to you?

This is for a Razer Viper V2 Pro advertised at $169AUD. Way below RRP. Link


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    Maybe? It's AliExpress so take the "100% original" claim with a grain of salt. Then on the other hand, could be a form of grey import…

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    looks like it was cheap as 140 in april at jb tho

    rrp's are meaningless for tech items.
    i personally would not roll the dice on a grey import, especially via ali.
    ive had nothing but dramas with everything Razer I have ever bought.

  • Doesn't seem like the best deal - Razer mice go on sale every other week by >50% RRP on Amazon. At least with Amazon it's no fuss returns

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      Razer mice go on sale every other week by >50% RRP

      Not this one.

  • Why even risk it? For that price just pay the extra and get it locally.

  • Thanks all - will wait for a local deal.

    • Amazon, black friday.

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    You gotta be careful on Ali, sometimes you get buggered by 40 thieves

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