HP 14-Inch Athlon-3050U/16GB/512GB SSD Laptop - Natural Silver7Y6M2PA

I'm really struggling to find a $500-$600 max Laptop with specs better than celeron, but with a screen that is bright (nota TN screen) for my dad who is 76 years old.

Are the screens on these HPs ok?
Specs otherwise seems good except for AC wifi which isn't really a deal breaker.

Appreciate anyone elses advice as I thought clickfrenzy would yield better deals!



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    Go on Ebay find a very good condition refurb (A grade). Intel 8th gen, 8gb ram, 256gb SSD (say Dell Latitude 5300/7300 these have 2 slots so easy to throw in another 8GB for $20 if needed) can be had for $300 (or 20% off when they have a discount code) believe screen is IPS or VA.

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    How about this: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/p/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-3/ideapad-slim-3-gen-8-(14-inch-amd)/82xn003pau

    FHD IPS, 300 nits (Compare to the HP: HD, 220 nits), Faster Processor, 3 Years Warranty + 8% cashback from ShopBack

    • Thank you, love Oz bargain people!
      I wonder why this model is no where in retail shops?

      • Most store laptops only have 1 year warranty so they can up-sell you :)

  • i know you are asking for a laptop but is your dad the type to just leave it plugged in constantly in the same spot?

    if so them it's worthwhile considering a proper AIO system with either the PC integrated in the screen or one of those with a mini PC mounted on the rear of the monitor

    something with an intel gen 7 or higher would be ideal if he is a fan of youtube, you get one with a 24" IPS screen for much less than you'd fork out for a laptop and it'll be a hell of a lot more pleasurable to use

    laptops are great but as a desktop replacement that are crap unless of course you need to be mobile

    • as a desktop this would be a massive upgrade


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      Appreciate the idea. They don't have a big place so its more to use on his lap on the couch. But understand the idea, cheers

      • fair enough

        i only suggested it because my mum used a laptop like that for the longest time

        got her a used 2013 imac 27" for $150 and put windows on for her, such a massive improvement, still a clean/minimal setup but with better everything

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