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Tefal Ultimate Non-Stick Induction 6 Piece Cookware Set in Black $419 Delivered / C&C @ MYER


Heating, searing, mixing, sauteing, serving, washing, reheating Cooking is demanding! That's why Tefal has created Ultimate: the range of cookware designed to be used over and over. Combining Tefal's extra-resistant Titanium non-stick coating that lasts up to 3 times longer than Tefal's standard coating, with the latest Thermo-Fusion induction technology for fast, even cooking, Ultimate will be your unwavering ally meal after meal.

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    You don't need so much non stick cookware. You just need one or two nonstick pans and that's it.

    The Non stick coating will wear out eventually

    If you're looking for a set, for that money go something like this Essteele set

    Which will last you decades

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      Good luck boiling water with one or two nonstick pans

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        I think what OP is suggesting is that you don't need a non-stick coated saucepan to boil water. What is the hot water going to stick to? The sides of the pot? Meanwhile, anything you use to fry something is more likely than not going to have food sticking to it, so having non-stick coating goes an extra mile.

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      100% correct. Not only that, non stick coatings are actually terrible for many applications beyond a simple pan. You can't heat them up too hot and they do nothing for anything that's wet.

      Stainless steel, cast iron and one non stick pan

    • I bought a ScanPan stainless steel frypan and things like omelettes and pancakes stick to it. I’ve tried all the seasoning tricks but it doesn’t work for me. I agree you don’t need non stick for most things but you do need a decent sized non stick frypan.

    • These are different sets. The one at Myer is a higher grade of non-stick coating.

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    Tefal's extra-resistant Titanium non-stick coating that lasts up to 3 times longer than Tefal's standard coating

    I remember it was previously advertised as 6x longer lasting

    • how long ago?

      with that information you can then figure out how precisely how long it will actually last

      • I've mistaken this Ultimate with their Unlimited.

        Tefal Unlimited Anti-Scratch Pots and Pans Set
        After years of research, the all-new TITANIUM anti-scratch non-stick coating lasts six times longer,* combining the convenience of a non-stick coating with extreme resistance to scratches that can withstand metal utensils.
        *Compared to Tefal Titanium Standard

    • +1

      Both are Teflon, but one is thicker on a different base, so can take more damage before it stop working completely.

      So burning food on, or scratching with bones. But it still does damage, and you won't want to cook eggs in either pan after it has been scratched up.

  • Pretty sure I saw the same set at Harris scarfe for $79

  • This is a crap deal.

    Was $299 two weeks ago at Myer Highpoint. I was shopping comparing the different sets and whether to just buy fry pans or get the set with pots as well.

    Note - This is "Ultimate" induction. The highly recommended version is their "Unlimited" version. These are on special for 50% off RRP at Myer at the moment and a good buy. Can get a 3 pack (20/26/30 cm) for $199.

    • Any thoughts on their Natural Force range ?

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