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Haldiram Samosa $10.99, Paneer 1kg $11.99, Roti Paratha $9.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Warehouse savings starting tomorrow. Some specials on Indian food items.

Thanks @ozblogger, I have updated the post.

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    Indian Bread Basket 1.44kg
    Item 168883 | $0.69 per 100g

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    Cross action toothbrush heads and Brita filters are a pretty good price too.

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      Useful for after eating the posted products

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      Brita Filters - havent checked in a while but last I did, Brita filters are MIC and Kirkland filters are made in Germany.

      Just sayin ….

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    Good price on lentils,

  • IndoBargain

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    Good prices. Likely due to the upcoming festival of Diwali.

  • Coastal Cheese is very good too - way better than most Australian mainstream Cheddar like Bega etc. Mainland is good but that's from NZ. Up to you f you want to buy it - we do, it's our default.

    If going to Costco, try some of their French Comte or English Stilton cheese - both are excellent.

    In fairness the Coles Finest English Cheddar is also good and comparable to Coastal and the texture is softer which some will prefer. It's on special at the moment and if use Flybuys I think there's a 30X bonus but that be targeted (we buy a LOT of cheese).

    • Nice didn't know you can get cheese at Costco.

      Is there a big selection?

      • I wouldn't say massive, but I've heard their american cheese tastes like maccas! (just cant see myself eating that much of it to justify the purchase)

    • Agree with you that mainland is good. Haven't tried the Costco or Coles finest but they seem to be made in the UK.

      Anyone know of a good Australian made cheddar that's affordable for 500g blocks?

  • I find Costco bargains not very useful being an Indian. Paneer is good. But haldiram is better at Coles when half price because the variety is better. You can buy whatever you want instead of one choice from Costco. Even for naan haldiram has two choices and they go half price on Coles/ woollies. I like hot and spicy samosa instead of bland Costco one. The lentils are also poor quality at Costco. I bought the chick peas once but not buying again as they were such a poor quality. I am posting this for people who might not about these options. For rice also if I buy on Indian stores I can buy white or brown basmati or organic also. There are also other choices and Costco isn't having India Gate which is the best.

    • I think it depends on personal preference. I find the samosa good and even my kids have it every now and then.

      Lentils, chickpeas etc are fine. I have bought them in the past and never had any issues.

      • Yes you are right Samosa is a preference. You need to try better lentils and rice to know the difference. Their mustard oil is also different then traditional one. It usually not much price difference. There is no variety in Costco so it's hard to even try other things but as long as your preference is the same as giant Costco it's all good

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    has anyone noticed costco changed their specials from fortnightly to monthly now which for me i dislike because it was so good that it changed fortnightly??

  • Yes monthly savings are annoying or do 3 weekly as monthly is too far apart

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