Best Way to Install Mint to Two SSD + One 2TB HDD

My current setup is an ancient version of Mate (17.1). The current SSD is losing sectors & the current 600GB HDD is now close to ten years old, so I decided to upgrade all drives.

Right now, the 256GB SSD holds /boot, /, /usr, /home and is 85% full (/user is 11gb & is nearly 91% full!).

The 600GB holds /var, swap, and a 581GB /mnt/storage which is where I pointed my user folders (docs, downloads, music, pictures, video). This drive is 51% full. For the life of me, I cannot find the thread/article that led me to partition that way. I recall it having something to do with the many writes of the /var folder making it better to have it on the HDD?

I now have a 500GB & 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD's. I also have a Seagate Firecuda Gaming 2TB HDD. What would you do as far as formatting these particular drives for best use and best performance?

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  • /var holds a lot more than just log files and can often benefit from fast SSD storage. I think MX500 would usually outlive typical usage anyway, even for log files. These days I don't really worry about "partitioning" — just one drive one partition, and a lot of things can be fixed via symlinks :)

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    I just install to a single drive (SSD) and use cloud storage for documents etc. I also have rsync running like a Apple's Time Machine. I just restored my Debian install to a new SSD from the rsync backup and aside from making sure the UUID matched in grub, it migrated perfectly.

    Your SSD will be fine with /var on it, and as long as you have a backup, restoring is easy.

    If you really want to store documents etc locally, why not store them on the HDD and create a shortcut/symlink to /home/Documents?

    • This. No need to overcomplicate it.

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