Flights to Mauritius Ex Sydney Sept/Oct 2024

Hi all,

I need help getting an amazing bargain deal on flights to Mauritius, leaving Sydney, for two adults and one child (7 yo) travelling Sept/October 2024? We need to get there to support my mother who will be getting hip surgery at the time:-/

Currently the price is so high, cheapest I find is $7100 for all three of us flying Sydney return on Sept 27, 2024, with 1 stop.
I would really appreciate someone's help in sourcing cheaper flight.

Thanks in advance.


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    Wait. Airlines usually list their flights a year out. So, you're looking at a small subset of flights.

  • Google for this, "flight aggregator websites"
    then pick one and go for it. My fav is
    Then book directly through the airline website if possible.

  • You need to go on Air Mauritius's website itself. Some sites like Skscanner for some reason sometimes dont pick it up

  • Yeah it's shocking.
    Can you bounce around different dates, a few days prior or after? Even the week before? Just to check if it's worthwhile. Same as week after.
    It's tricky because while the flights are $ MK can go on sale or just go higher and higher as they have a lovely little monopoly going. Have a look at closer dates to get an idea of airlines and flight paths (incase not all showing atm).
    In the past I've seen flights via Singapore or KL or even Dubai. But then you'd need to be willing to do the extra transfers and travel time.
    Crap, I just realised that one of those flights is for a child. Even more $ than I first thought. Maybe you're better off just getting a maid for your mum. Someone that can help out with stuff (if you're staying in a rental and have local contacts).

  • Thx for the tips guys

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