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[Kogan First, Refurbished] Apple AirPods 2nd Gen with Charging Case - Like New $110.50 Delivered @ Central Goods via Kogan


This product completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new Apple AirPods 2nd Gen, it’s truly “like new,” that has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The product is in full working order and comes in brand new packaging with brand accessories included.

In the box:
AirPods 2nd Gen
Wireless Charging Case
USB Charging Cable (1 m)

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closed Comments

  • No mention of the battery, so an old battery in it perhaps

  • +6

    imo i'd change the title to 'Refurb A+' or something, describing something as going through a "rigorous refurbishment" process but saying 'as new' is pretty deceptive.

    To me, 'as new' would be like someone having a change of mind but the package was opened or returned in a week or something. just some thoughts.

    • Totally agree here, I almost thought they were new as well, until I re-read the actual description.
      Title should be changed

  • +1

    the ear wax gets behind the mesh

    • You cna find out if your refurbs have any bonus contaminants by applying warm alcohol into the mesh, then dabbing with a dry tissue to draw it out- using gravity and capillary action.

      • I do need to clean mine… is that pouring alcohol in or just holding an alcohol wipe against the mesh?

        • +1

          Pour away, it won't hurt. But only a drop or so will go in.

          Just make sure to dab it all out and let it dry in the warmth (E.g. an hour in the sun?), before use.

          Airpod IIs survive washing machines, it is literally impossible to kill them.

    • -1

      Yikes , how the hell are people allowed to sell used ones on eBay etc ?

  • The title indicates these are better than new ones that haven't been so rigorously refurbished (?)

  • +4

    Kogan and refurb!! No, thanks.

    • Exactly my thought. Hard passed

    • "via Kogan", so 3rd party too. Might depend if you like "Appel" or not.

    • +1

      Title says it all… Kogan used it First.

  • do they take out other peoples disgusting ear wax that might be in the hole?

  • Should be the price new, going on to 5yrs since release

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