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3x 500g Aussie Grown Salt & Vinegar Macadamias $51 Delivered @ Macadamia Nut Hut

The Deal

Who doesn't enjoy Salt & Vinegar Macadamia nuts?

To celebrate our 2nd birthday we have made them just $17 for 500g! (Saving $15 off our regular price)

In fact, we've applied the same discount to every flavour we sell.

Purchase ANY three 500g packs together to get free postage.

Hurry, offer is only valid for a limited time… (or until we sell out!)


We offer free postage on all orders of $50 or more.

About Us

Macadamia Nut Hut is a small family run business located on 78 acres of picturesque countryside in the hinterlands of northern New South Wales. We offer delicious premium quality flavoured Macadamia nuts Australia wide through our online shop.

Our Aussie grown flavoured Macadamias are far tastier than anything purchased in supermarkets and contain upwards of 90% Australian ingredients in most instances.

You are effectively buying direct from our farm-gate - Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support OzB users!

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    Expensive considering the farmgate price right now

    • -2

      Dont know where you buy yours from, but supermarket sells these nuts for at least $38/kg

      • -1

        And supermarkets also don't offer anywhere near the same range of flavours! :)

      • +8

        The supermarkets are ripping you off as well.

        • +2

          I really wish Aldi would bring back their 800g pack with that $18.90/$19.90 price tag, although they were not whole nuts but they are large pieces and taste really great. I put them in freezer and am using the last bag now.

  • ordered thanks!

    • Appreciate it, they will be on their way soon!

  • +7


    Australian Macadamia Society: About the Macadamia Industry

    Australia is the world’s major producer of macadamia nuts, the only Australian native food crop that has ever been developed and traded internationally as a commercial food product.

    Macadamias originated 60 million years ago in the rainforest on the eastern seaboard of Australia in far north New South Wales and south east Queensland (read the history in About Australian Macadamias).

    After decades of hard work and careful development, driven largely by the industry’s peak body, the Australian Macadamia Society, macadamias are now the fourth largest Australian horticultural export, an outstanding achievement for an industry that only established its first commercial processing plant in 1954 and was unknown outside of Queensland before this time.

    Today, there are more than 700 growers across three states, producing around 50,000 tonnes per year, with 70% of the crop exported to more than 40 countries. Our key export markets are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe and North America but our biggest market is Australia itself. Few, if any, other horticultural industries can boast the same level of export marketing achievement. The industry is now worth more than $280million annually, employs thousands of people and contributes millions of dollars to regional economies.

    Australia is the recognised global market leader and enjoys an enviable reputation for its high-quality macadamia nuts and world’s best production practices. Australian macadamia growers invest $2million per year in cutting edge research and development to ensure our industry remains at the forefront of world production, and are committed to conserving the natural resources on which our world class product relies.

    Outside Australia, macadamias are commercially produced in Hawaii, South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala, New Zealand, and Malawi, but currently macadamias account for less than 2 per cent of the world tree nut market. Surging global demand for macadamias means there is significant untapped potential for future growth.

    The farm gate value of the Australian macadamia industry is valued at $286.5million (2016), factory gate is $321million and retail value is estimated at $576million. Nuts make up 40 per cent of Australia’s horticultural exports (valued at $1 billion), with macadamias making up $200million of that.

  • How are they packed? Do they have a use by date?

    • +3

      They are foil packed to seal in their freshness. If stored correctly they will last up to 24 months.

      Storage Instructions:

      We recommend that this product should be stored unopened at a temperature between 3-5°C.

      Temperatures of under 20°C will provide a typical shelf life of 12-24 months. Temperatures of under 5°C will typically extend shelf life to 24 months or better.

      Once opened, the kernel should be placed into an airtight container, otherwise the Macadamia nuts may soften with exposure to moisture and rapidly reduce their quality.

      • Thank you, purchased.

        Not sure if normal, I still haven't received confirmation of my order and can't log in to the account I did.

        • Please double check your spam folder, or PM me with your order number.

        • Same as me. Looks like you can download the invoice from the web, if you created an account though.

  • OP, can you recommend purveyor of quality cashews?

    • Unfortunately not, we don't deal with any nuts outside of Macadamias.

      • +8

        If you are selling to ozbargainers, you are definitely dealing with other nuts :P

  • +1

    Bought 18 packs! Perfect for family this holiday seasons!

    • Thanks for the support! They will be out to you soon.

      • Have you got any sample macadamia honey pack to throw in? Never tried them before. My order is 6115

        • PM'd

          • @bargain-nut: Hey if you could do the same for my order that would be awesome. Order #6173

            • +2

              @Zidago: Hi Zidago (and everyone else who may ask for the same), our apologies but sample packs are not something we currently offer. The deal is valid on all our flavours and we have never had them this cheap, so it's a good time to try flavours you may not have gone for ordinarily.

  • Originally thought of 3 packs of dry roasted, but then I saw Wasabi and Moroccan at the same price, so 4 packs of nuts ordered.

    • Great choices!

  • Got this wierd error Please verify that you are human, with no captcha or anything

    • Please try again, I've disabled the captcha for now. The site is probably freaking out about the increased traffic from ozBargain.

  • +1

    Is there a photo of what they look like package wise?

    • +1

      I will PM you, that might allow me to attach a photo.

  • Tried hot chilli flavour last time, bit too spicy, will try mild chilli and wasabi this time.

    • Our wasabi flavour is new, would love to hear your feedback.

  • Thanks.
    Ordered a Dark Chocolate, Honey roasted, and roasted and salted.
    Looking forward to the Dark Choccy ones the most.

    • Thanks for your support, they will be sent out soon.

  • Hi I just placed an order but got the delivery address wrong. Please help. Tried to call but couldn’t get through.

    • +1

      Send us a PM with your order number, we will get this sorted for you.

  • What's the handling times like? I'm leaving on the 6th and wondering if it'll arrive in Melbourne before then if I get express shipping.

    • With express, it certainly should. We aim to get all orders out within 2 days of being placed, with express being prioritised.

  • Was keen to try the choc flavours but unsure how they'd deliver to another state so grabbed the Moroccan, honey roasted and mild chilli. Thanks :)

    • +1

      We send all our chocolate out with mini ice packs, they travel well with no complaints!

      • Okay you convinced me to buy another 3 packs 😂

        • +1

          We know you won't regret it! 😊

  • Not sure why my question has been ignored. Does the foil packing include the store name, ingredients, nutritious information and where they are made in? I am assessing the appropriateness of this as a gift.

    • Sorry tlai, you're not being ignored - I am just trying to work out how to attach a photo on ozBargain! But to answer your question without one, yes it does include all of those things.

      • You can just upload it to a image host such as imgur and add the link here!

        • +1
          • @bargain-nut: Thanks for the pic. It doesn't have a zip seal does it?

            • @tlai: It doesn't, they are vaccum sealed. Once opened you should store them in an air tight container.

              Storage Instructions:

              We recommend that this product should be stored unopened at a temperature between 3-5°C.

              Temperatures of under 20°C will provide a typical shelf life of 12-24 months. Temperatures of under 5°C will typically extend shelf life to 24 months or better.

              Once opened, the kernel should be placed into an airtight container, otherwise the Macadamia nuts may soften with exposure to moisture and rapidly reduce their quality.

  • Interesting article.


    What's the ratio of nuts to shells? Seeing them retail for close to $40 at the big supermarkets is a joke.

    I guess this business idea makes sense to take out the middleman. With this deal it works out (slightly) cheaper for us for a fresher product and more flavour varieties.

    • That's our aim! Over 50% of our customer base is made up of repeat customers who much prefer the taste and quality of our Macadamias to those purchased from the supermarket.

  • -1

    Woolworths Macadamias Roasted & Salted 400g Pack

    • +7

      $38.50/kg VS ours at $34/kg, where's the bargain?

      • +1

        … with free postage on all orders of $50 or more :-)

  • -1

    Kirkland Signature Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts 2 x 680g

    $1.40 per 100 g


    • Was it in stock when you posted?

      • -1

        Costco hasn't stocked them for awhile… A quick google shows the same product (680g x 2) listed for $79.99 or $58.82 per kg.

        • +1

          Incorrect, this is an item Costco stocks year round in the warehouse and the current price is $18.99 for a 680g bag (the 2x680g shown above was likely to promote the product and move stock while trialling the online delivery earlier). This gives $27.93 per KG.

          The price results that you viewed online are from resellers, usually using a large markup. Kirkland Signature belongs exclusively belongs to Costco. Additionally, your phrasing was very particular above as you stated searching for the 2 pack. If you search a single bag it can be brought by a reseller for $29.99 (which I would not reccomend doing), a 2-pack yields fewer results and a higher cost per kg.

          Regardless, I have just brought multiple bags from you to test the quality and variety of flavours as I hope that your response above was a couple of genuine misunderstandings.

          • @TheBargainHuntsman: I was only replying to the specific deal posted (2x680g) as that is how ozBargain works.

            Google shows that particular item on the Costco website has been out of stock for some time.

            I have not looked at them being sold individually by Costco. I was simply replying to a ozB user's comment of an alternative deal.

            Thank you for placing an order, we will have them out to you very soon.

            • @bargain-nut: Completely understand, although many do check singluars/multiples, just for completeness. However, I'm sure you are very busy with orders, so it would certainly be unfair to expect you to do this.

              I do apologise if I came across as anything other than informational in my previous post. Costco can get confusing relatively quickly when looking at the online store, resellers and the warehouses. I just try to provide some insight/information and hope it can help someone out every now and again.

              Thank you I am very much looking forward to them arriving. Congratulations on your 2nd birthday! :)

  • Cheers just bought 3 bags. Though now all I can think about is eating them, maybe I should have gone for express shipping!

    • +1

      Regular postage shouldn't be too far behind, we aim to dispatch them pretty quickly!

  • +3

    Chocolate out of stock :(

    • White chocolate is still available!

  • +2

    Dry roasted OOS :(

    • +1

      OzB has nearly cleaned us out!

  • Is there authority to leave (delivery)?

    • Not by default, as we have had nuts spoil in the heat, however you can request it in the notes.

  • +5

    Any chance you'll re-stock the oos flavours while the deal is still on?

    • +1

      Unlikely at this stage I'm afraid.

  • +1

    I've been buying mine from https://marquis.com/product/dry-roasted-salted-macadamias-1k… and it works out at $33/kg delivered when buying 2kg (might be higher postage to other locations) although this site has more flavours.

  • +1

    noooo I saw this deal too late, wasabi, dry roasted and salted, hickory smoked all gone :-(

  • only two flavours left (raw and vinegar), can we please get more stock listed, please?

    • OzB cleaned us out unfortunately. Everything was in stock this morning.

      • hopefully you can run another promotion like this and I will be able to order then. Thanks

  • +3

    Bugger, missus has asked me some no nut November challenge. Guess it’s an eating challenge so can’t order these. Bugger

    • Just bolts, no nuts? Deal??

  • Damn, all flavours have gone except raw and salt and vinegar.
    "Who doesn't enjoy Salt & Vinegar Macadamia nuts?" apparently everyone!

    • personally I love salt and Vinegar, but would have only ordered if I could get a few other flavours as well.

    • It's a fairly new flavour so we just happened to have a lot more in stock. It was the 5th most popular choice during the sale.

    • Mine just arrived today.

      Superbly packed - especially the choc-coated ones, and a whole lotta nuts for fifty bucks!

      But as a salt and vinegar devotee, the taste combination didn’t really work for me. The honey roasted and white chocolate were outstanding though. Many thanks, rep.

      • Thanks for the feedback!

  • I got mine.. however I might be sensitive to Tyramine as the last two times I tried it I had a mild headache after. I have never had a problem with macadamias before… will do more testing.

  • Got them today. Opened raw pack. Sorry to say it but the ones at the supermarkets look and taste better. These have a weird oil aftertaste that is almost rancid

    • Could you please DM us with your order number?

      • I got a message from Kylie in the mail

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