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[NSW] All Pet Adoptions $29 @ RSPCA NSW Shelters and Adoption Centres


As announced -

RSPCA NSW is on a mission to ‘Find Forever Homes’ this weekend (3-5 November 2023) with adoption fees reduced to $29 for all animals available for adoption, across the state.

The goal is to rehome as many animals as possible over the three-day adoption drive.

Adoptions through BARC, Central Coast, are via appointment only. $29 adoption are NOT valid at Petbarn stores or RSPCA NSW Branches. Animals that are normally $29 or less to adopt, will be fee-free during this promotion.

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    All Pet Adoptions $29

    How many in total then ???

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      The majority of the dogs are Staffies or American Bull Terriers, both breeds with doubtful reputations.

      • +6

        the dogs are Staffies or American Bull Terriers

        Oh, no thanks…

        • +1

          More info

          You will find many of these breeds in Gumtree "Free to Good Home". Wonder why?

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            @scottishdave: I have never met or even heard any stories about a 'doubtful' staffy. They've always (and I mean that literally) been sweet and lovely dogs throughout my life.

            Pitbulls, on the other hand, I have consistently heard poor things. Attacking owners, drawing blood, being generally aggressive. This is not 100% the case, but I definitely hear it more often with pitbulls.

            • @Ninternet:

              They've always (and I mean that literally) been sweet and lovely dogs throughout my life.

              Two staffies attacked our dog and my wife a few years back in our local park.

              • +1

                @jv: American Bull Terriers are restricted in NSW and need a yearly permit. This also applies if a Council officer deems your other dog (of another breed) as being dangerous.

                By the way my grandmother was attacked a couple of years ago by a Staffie while walking her Maltese along the street. A friend of my mother's had to be hospitalised when her son-in-law's Staffie attacked her in her daughter's home.

                I know it often the lack of training by the owner that can cause such problems but …..

                • @scottishdave:

                  such problems but …..

                  yep, we always avoid going anywhere near staffies these days.

                • @scottishdave:

                  Staffordshire Bull Terriers (or ‘Staffys’ as they’re more commonly known) originated in Birmingham, England in the 1800’s. The “bull and terrier” ancestors were bred for bull baiting, a blood sport involving pitting a bull against a dog. When bull baiting was banned in 1835, they were used in dog fighting.


              • @jv: imo bullie type breeds run amok when they are with other dogs

                I had a pitt rescue, sweetest thing, never showed an ounce of aggression, but when he was with my ex gf's dog he just became a big 35kg puppy and ignored all commands. To control him, had to be through her and lucky enough she was super smart. I.e he would escape and she would bark and scratch but never barked unless something is up. Then we let her out and tell her to go get him and she would go find him and hang around so we can find them. Its like she understood that my dog was stupid

                I think when they are alone their human is the alpha but when there is another dog they are conflicted, their instinct kicks in and they just feed off each other

          • +3

            @scottishdave: From your link:
            "Staffordshire Terriers are completely legal in Australia. You’ll know Staffys as the playful, bubbly dogs…. "

            • -1


              You’ll know Staffys as the playful, bubbly dogs…. "

              and bred for blood sports…


              Staffies retain the legacies of their breeding: they are enthusiastic, highly energetic, playful, and strong-willed; they will chase small animals and can get into fights with other dogs.

              • -2

                @jv: I've never met a staffy that wasn't playful, the breed is not known to be generally aggressive.
                Anyway, any dog can be aggressive irrespective of breed.
                You clearly have a grudge against the breed due to your personal experience.

                • -3


                  You clearly have a grudge against the breed due to your personal experience.

                  You mean because they almost ripped my dogs ear off and bit my wife?

                  The were bred for blood sport… end of story….

                  • @jv: You can find similar articles for just about every breed. A Maltese poodle bit me in the face when I was 6, I mean what is your point?

                    • +4


                      You can find similar articles for just about every breed

                      Do the other articles state:

                      Staffordshire terrier, the breed that killed a newborn, ranks highest for attacks


                      ranks the highest in the state for attacks, with almost 900 cases reported within 15 months.

                      • @jv: There are multiple breeds of staffordshire terriers, you, like most people, seem to think they are all "pit bulls".
                        A "staffy" is the smallest of the staffordshire terriers; a few inches smaller than a full sized american staffordshire terrier which is a few inches smaller than an american pit bull terrier. The only one I find scary is the full sized american pit bull, and I guess some of the american staffordshire terrier, which a staffy is almost always awesome.

                      • +1

                        @jv: JV I'm not choosing to defend staffies in this post (because I don't want to distract from the point I'm about to make) but the issue with attack case numbers is they don't take into consideration the proportion of the breed in terms of the total amount of dogs in the state.

                        For example, you don't really see many 'Kooikerhondje' attacks. Is that because they are not prone to it or is it because they are extraordinarily rare in Australia? Probably both in this case but you get my point.

                        I tend to think of dog attack statistics with two additional variables. Firstly, how common are they? Labradors were the fifteenth most common attack breed in the previous quarter in NSW. Labradors are known as 'cuddly wubbly doot doot blah blah' family dogs. Are they the fifteenth most dangerous breed or are they just ridiculously common?

                        Secondly, does the breed attract a 'derro' owner? I've enjoyed the staffies I have interacted with but they kind of attract a derro owner. The kind of owner who is not responsible. My favourite breed is the rottweiler and have only had positive experiences, but you can imagine the kind of person who wants a threatening dog purchasing a rottweiler (or a pit bull) and then actively not training them or deliberately revving them up

                        Actually an important third variable is acknowledging the inherent abilities of the breed. My last dog was a '…silky terrier mix' and weighed 4.5kg. It was easily the most aggressive dog I've ever had and bit multiple people as we undertook a long and difficult program of rehabilitation and training. But it weighed 4.5kg. The bites were an annoyance. A pit bull terrier that bites will mess you up.

                        None of this is to suggest staffies are or aren't 'dangerous' though. I deliberately refuse to engage on that topic just to protect the integrity of my statistical message.

                    • +1

                      @reactor-au: A pack of dachshunds killed a woman in Mexico a few years ago. I've never seen an anti-sausage-dog sentiment

  • does qld do anything similar ?

    • +5

      They are considering an 'Adopt a Politician' program.

      I'll get one if they are first neutered…

    • Occasionally - they usually require the centres to be close to or at capacity for extended periods

  • +5

    I'd love to adapt but can't afford vet's ransom fees

    • Well put sir!
      I have a dog, and one of my biggest concerns is definitely the vet bills. Some vets can be pretty nasty, adding on unnecessary tests or treatments just to inflate the bill.

      • -2

        You can get pet insurance.

        adding on unnecessary tests or treatments just to inflate the bill.

        ours always asks first.. then robs us…

        • My dog had gastro and wasn't drinking water for days and Greencross got me for nearly $1.2k. All he needed was some fluids. They up-selled me on literally everything.

        • My pet is 5, which is too old for a decent pet insurance.

          ours always asks first.. then robs us…

          So kind of them to ask first.

          • +1

            @DontNeedThis: I adopted my dog when she was 6. I got insurance for her from Bow Wow Meow. Thank God I did, she needed surgery in the first year and it would've cost $5.8k but with insurance, it cost only ~1k.

    • +3

      Quite right. If you can't afford the normal adoption fee for around $400 then perhaps you shouldn't be adopting a dog. Vet fees for yearly vaccinations are necessary for the dog's wellbeing but are quite expensive so if you can't afford vet's fees then you shouldn't adopt a dog.

      • +2

        This is definitely one of the tough questions to ask… if you can't afford major care, but adopting the pet means it won't get put down, is it a net good that it has a few good years of life or is it better it gets put down now?

        I think we'd all prefer all shelter pets go to a good home who can afford all the care in the world… but is chasing perfection preventing us from achieving some limited good?

      • They survive just fine without all that rubbish, as do wild animals.
        At least they are happy in a home not a cage with a clock ticking until put down.

  • Just in time for Christmas ,

    • +7

      Dumbest thought ever.

      • +3

        You don't like Christmas ?

        • +2

          Love holidays at Christmas (as an athiest i don't really celebrate Christmas), hate idiots that give animals as gifts only for them to be dumped when they become 'inconvenient'.

          • -2

            @Price Jack:

            hate idiots that give animals as gifts only for them to be dumped

            You think on Christians do that?

      • +4

        Actually, this is exactly why they do this. They want empty cages by Christmas cause they know there are a whole new influx of dogs coming in.

    • +3

      Was this said ironically?

      • +8

        yes. pets as presents are a horrible idea

        • +2

          What if that is what the kids and family want as a present ???

    • i lold

    • I think you forgot the "sarcasm" tag.

  • +18

    Obligatory "do your research before committing to a pet" comment.

    • +2

      My wife said, "I want a cat"

      I did my research.

      My wife got a cat anyway.

  • +8

    All the comments above are about the downsides of owning a dog. So get a cat. As long as you feed it, have a place for it to poop and it has a scratching post, it pretty much looks after itself. And there's nothing more satisfying than getting a cat that just wants to sit next to you and purr. Cats rule!

    • +5

      So long as smart about it and not let it roam outside (especially at night) like many morons around here do.
      My cat traps catch at least 2-3 a month in my yard.

      • What do you do with them?

        • +2

          Take them to the pound or RSPCA.

          If they have a microchip, the owners get a fine or have to pay to release them.
          If they don't have a microchip, they are euthanised.

      • +6

        Where do I get such a trap?
        Recently had cats crapping in the front yard so would like to "deter" them, a night in prison with a bail fee to release sounds like a good idea.

        • I got mine from ebay.
          I was going to borrow some from the council, but there was a long waiting list.

        • +1

          Check with your local council or Rangers too, ours lent us a cat trap and bait for free, then picked it up when we had caught one

        • +1

          also called a possum trap, they are multiple use

      • Can I ask what trap you use?

    • extremely happy cat owner agreeing. they really do make the best house pets. plus no smell

      • +3

        Every house or apartment I've been to that owns a cat has the most stinky rancid smell

        • +6

          clean litter daily. no worries

    • Cats are alright, just keep them indoors, I wouldn't want my cat roaming outside.

      But you can't declaw cats in Australia, it's quite common in the US.

    • id 100% do yearly blood work as renal issues can be picked up early and managed

  • +2

    I used to not be a cat person. Gf wanted to adopt a cat so we did. Cats are alright.

    • +4

      Is your Grand father now happy with his cat?

    • -2

      I'm the opposite, never really been a dog guy, but always loved the puss y…


      • Were you referring to vagina?

        • +2

          What's that?

          • @nokidsandthreemoney: Females have an opening between their legs where males put their penis in when they are aroused and want to have sex. I assume you knew since another name for it is '(profanity)' and you said puss y…cats like you were trying to say it but not say it.

  • +6

    When/if you adopt a rescue, give them time so don't expect them to warm up to you after 20mins together.
    Give them 3 months to get comfortable to adjust the change and for them to understand they're in a safe and stable place now.
    For those who are concerned about vet bills, please get pet insurance. I recommend Bow Wow Meow (not sponsored).
    For dogs, a lot of people prefer puppies, but I prefer adult dogs because toilet training and teething is not a fun experience. If you want chill dogs, senior dogs are so calm.

    • +1

      so don't expect them to warm up to you after 20mins together.

      On TV it only takes about 5 mins.

      • HAHAHAHA - good one

    • +1

      Pet insurance is a scam, put the money you would spend on it in a separate savings instead.

      • +2

        Yeah and then pray that you'll never need any major surgeries. My 4 year old cat had 3 separate urinary obstructions this year, culminating in a PU surgery to fix the issue permanently by widening the urethra.
        Total bill for all hospitalisations ran up to $15k, my pet insurance which I pay $55 a month for covered it completely, total out-of-pocket expense for me was $300-$400.

    • +2

      This ! Some shelter animals and birds have lived a tough life so they may not shower you with love straight away. They will love you back in spades, just need to give them a few days to warm up to you and their new surroundings.

  • -2

    Mmmm, cheap dinner

    • Bahahahahaha. Very original and funny


  • bummer no cockroaches

  • +4

    Jokes aside, if you are looking to get a pet or are able to give an animal a home - then please consider animal rescue organisations as your first port of call as opposed to gumtree or some puppy farm.

    • Tried it and it was too hard competing for a small dog. It’s a nice thought though.

  • +1

    A bargain that's going to end up costing you more.

  • -4

    ASk rspca how many adoptable dogs are slaughtered each week?
    Thay are just scumbags who want people to believe they are goody goodies!!
    MONEY MONEY MONEY is all that counts to them

  • Would love to adopt a cat, but landlord said NO.

  • +4

    Love how all the narrow minded judging hippies come here, forgetting about the bigger richer baddies messing up the ecosystem..

  • Thanks OP, My work secret Santa gift sorted

    Our limit was only $30 aswell so under budget by $1

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