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$2.80 in SHPING Coins with WW Tegel Takeout Chicken Portions Louisiana 1kg / Darrell Lea SC Bullets 200g @ Shping App


Not bad if you are already using the Shping app.
$2.80 in SHPING coins plus 50c for uploading reciept = $3.30

Tegel Takeout Chicken Portions Louisiana 1kg Currently $7 @ woolworths so final price $4.20 or $3.70 if you upload reciept.

Darrell Lea Salted Caramel Bullets 200g $2.75 @ woolworths so final price = FREE or 60c profit if you upload reciept.

YMMV but ive been cashing out $50+ per month from the app with minimal effort

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  • Never heard of this app. Anyone have experience with it?

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      Been using it for 3 months after i had my speculations.

      Cashed out every month $30/$40/$50 and have $50 to cashhout today

      With very minimal effort you can cashout $20/$30 on basic/ bronze level.

      • yeah same here…been racking up easy $50 every 3 weeks. This one's from the past 3 as well.

        Just to bring this to attention, if uploading a receipt is $0.50 and a Woolies paper bag is $0.25, I guess its an unlimited $0.25 profit hack. PS: No I don't do this, nor would encourage simply because its not in the sprit of the app's objective.

    • +1

      A lot of people seem to bag out this app and how the coins back is not "cash". To add to @easternculture 's experience, I haven't had any trouble with it. I was hesitant seeing these deals and the general comment section, however it is not as bad as everyone makes it out as.

      These booster deals will always be that dollar amount back regardless of what value the shping coin is at that moment (in this deal, $2.80). So when approved, they will give you the equivalent of $2.80 back in coins, and if you want to make sure you don't "lose" money due to the coin fluctuations, you can instantly withdraw it.

      It takes about 1-2 days for the money to hit your bank account.

      • +1

        Good thing you can cashout right away.
        Also buy the coin booster items on seperate reciepts to get extra 50c

      • Only for a few weeks. After that they charge $1.50 for every withdrawal.

        While I completely agree with the criticism of Shping coin itself, you're right that the criticism of the app is unwarranted. You're being paid in trashy fake-money, but as long as you can convert it to AUD I don't see what the issue is.

        • Wow that's a steep withdrawal fee :(

          • @reivaxX: I imagine their intention is to eventually not have cashout at all and just use Shping coin. I can see no rational reason for inventing their own cryptocurrency otherwise.

  • I have almost $30 to cash out but struggle to get enough “karma” (loyalty rewards) to be able to cash out so I haven’t been able to withdraw anything yet.

    • You get loyalty by people liking your reviews
      You also get loyalty by uploading reciepts via the cards tab

    • +2

      Wow you need to get loyalty rewards to cash out your own cashback? Pass

  • +2

    got to be the worst referral

  • Love the Tegal Chicken

  • ive been cashing out $50+ per month from the app with minimal effort

    I have been trying to go from bronze to silver but require 30 scans or featured product clicks. This is taking forever and I won't get it before my month is up, how do you easily go over that?

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