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[iOS, Android] Super Mario Run - One Stage Free to Play Daily @ Apple App Store & Google Play


Freebie! The deal it's in the Super Mario Wonder Event.

Stages will be unlocked every day! We're holding a special event to get everyone excited for Mario, along with the Super Mario Bros Wonder game for the Nintendo Switch system. While the event it's on, each day you can play one stage that you'd normally need to purchase the Super Mario Run game in order to play for free.

Ends 28/11/23


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    Editors choice on Google

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      which means nothing:)

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    play games, earn platinum points, claim rewards from My Nintendo rewards.

    • Would you earn rewards during the free event??

      • rewards from my nintendo store

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    So you can only play the daily premium level for that one day for free? It's not perminantly unlocked?

    • Yep that sounds right. This description confused me, so went searching for the info

      • Nothing on that page saying you get to keep the stages? Or have I missed it?

        • You're right, they don't sound specific to that question. But the language is pretty clear to me that this is a daily unlock only and changes day-to-day (i.e. temporary).

          Free daily stage unlock
          You can play a paid stage for free every day during the event, even if you haven’t purchased Super Mario Run. The paid stage you can play changes each day, so this is a good chance to enjoy some stages you might not have played yet!

        • Now that the promo has been running for a while, I can see that the daily unlocks are repeating.

          If you've linked your save file to your My Nintendo account, it gives you two rather than one daily unlocks.

          The unlocks don't include the boss (airship or castle) levels, and they don't include World 6. So it's from a collection of 12 levels, all the standards from World 2 to World 5. With all the World 1 levels from the base game, this still includes most of the game.

          I'd still pony up the discounted $7.99 to unlock the rest after this promo. It's very well designed.

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    approximately, what are the additional costs to play this game? seems like its $10 for the actual game as well?

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    It's honestly a great mobile game and worth paying for IMO. No in-app purchase nonsense, no ads, etc.

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      10000% if more high quality games were available to purchase outright, with no ads etc, id be buying. I know nintendo got some flack for this game (maybe $9.99 would have been better?) but my kids still play it now and its installed on all my devices. Wish the Mario Kart game was more similar to this…

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        "Nintendo's next mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes, released two months after Super Mario Run and which used the freemium payment approach, had only 10 percent of the previous title's downloads, yet had outperformed it in overall revenue by the end of Nintendo's fiscal year 2016." Unfortunately this system failed for them which is sad. Only about 5% of people who downloaded it, bought it.

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        Yeah it's great, except for the part where they haven't done ANY further development on it and 99% of the time I go to use it it's f*cking broken

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    So it's a normally free game that unlocks a free level stage for a day then takes it right away from you? Yeah no. Pass. This is not a deal, sounds more like an ad / promotion, not sure why the mods let this one up, but hey, I don't make the rules.

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      Its a paid game (pretty sure you get the first level or two free as a 'demo')

      • You get 4 stages, each has 3 coin challenges.
        Plus vs mode and remix.

        Remix is the highlight but it's item gated (time gate gets higher each time) and only earn 2-4 entrance tickets a day( from trophy mini game and item box trophy)

  • So how do you play specifically the Super Mario Wonder stages? I can’t seem to find it on the app.

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    So you don't get to keep the unlocked stages?

    I'm not sure what the deal is.

    • I struggled to get into this when it was released, the runner format put me off as a Mario entry.

      But this promo has brought me back, getting to at least play each level (or most) let's me see what content it has, and now that I've figured out the collectibles and progress am finding it really enjoyable, basically getting all 5 special coins on a single run and then it changes to a different colour in more difficult locations.

      Now my only question is if your progress is saved in these unlocked levels, say if I purchase it latter (at the rarer discounted $7.99) will it have forgotten my progress?

      • Because the daily unlocks are starting to repeat themselves (there's less levels than days during the promo), I can see that your progress, like your special coin collections and top coin score, does save and carry over.

  • I purchased this a couple of years ago, no regrets.

  • One up ☝️

  • whole game should be free

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      Yeah right, because it was just conjured out of thin air an no one spent any effort developing it…

      • well Nintendo should really be giving back

        • Their share holders disagree

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