Virgin Australia Pay by Points and Travel Bank Combo Issue

Hi All,

I have $95 travel bank credit and velocity points. My travel bank credit expires 9th Feb. No matter what I’ve tried i can only do one not pay by points and whatever is the remaining I cannot pay by travel bank. It allows me to pay by card PayPal etc.

I emailed VA no response in 2 weeks. I called them got disconnected after holding the line for 1:15mins twice.

I’m sure I’m not the only person trying to do this.
Also travel bank has lots of restrictions can’t use for most flights. This is just crap.

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  • I get yearly "travel bank credits" with my CC … I thought it could only be used for reward seats (may be wrong) …

    Perhaps that is why ???
    Trying to use for non-reward seats.

    Anyway, just a thought - until someone more knowledgable comes along.

  • .3. The following are not eligible for payment using travel credits on or after 21 May 2020 (and will not be considered Eligible Travel):

    a) Unaccompanied Minor fees;

    b) Animal in hold fees;

    c) Business Class upgrade fees;

    d) In-flight services;

    e) products and services provided by Virgin Australia’s third party partners (such as travel insurance, car hire and hotels)

    f) Gift cards and gift vouchers, including Virgin Australia physical and electronic gift cards;

    g) Velocity Frequent Flyer Reward Seat or Any Seat bookings

  • Thank you for the feedback so far but I’m trying to pay for a flight using VA points and travel bank credit. Did VA silently turn this option off?

    • Isn’t what your trying to do,
      g) Velocity Frequent Flyer Reward Seat or Any Seat bookings

  • Oh no!

    I’m trying to purchase a return ticket to Queenstown with 100% points and the remains balance with travel bank credit. I’m short of $94 which I need to pay but I have travel bank credit which expires 9th Feb 2024. So it’s just a waste if I can’t use this credit.

  • Can you not call up and ask the call centre to book it for you using points and travel bank. You shouldnt have to pay the call centre booking fee because the system wont let you book online.

    • Ya tried calling VA twice in a row failed to get a human to talk to even after waiting 2 hours.

  • VA confirmed I cannot combine travel bank credit with velocity points. They are two different departments who doesn’t talk to each other. If I purchase tickets by points I cannot use Travel credit for seat upgrade or luggage upgrades.

    This is BS!!!

    • yeah just experienced this - so dumb.

  • hi all. wondering here /how to sell / swap my VA travel credits. any forum here or somewhere else?

    • Following. I got $95 travel bank credit expires in Feb 2024.

  • I have a $95 credit also and I don't think I will ever use it (unless you can use for hotel?).

    Can these be sold/transferred?

    • only way i think of is to book for someone else.?

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