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[PC, Epic] Free - Golden Light @ Epic Games


Freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 2am AEDT.

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    I think I have played a total of 3 of my epic collection. I doubt this one will be the 4th!

    • +22

      I like to think we're playing the real game called, "Collecting Games We'll Never Play"

      Just keep collecting to level up.

      • +3

        Gotta catch ‘em all!

  • +2

    Listen to this while you play:


    • +1

      This is dope

  • +7

    Has also been available free on amazon gaming for the last week or so (via Epic). I wonder if they might also release Tokyo Ghostwire for free given that it's just about to leave Amazon games.

    • +12

      So that’s why I already own it

  • Does anyone know if Epic still have discount codes on purchasing games? They used to have like $15 off a certain spend.

  • +4

    Is this a repeat? Already got it in my library

    • +1

      Me too. Someone said that might be from prime

    • +1

      Yea, i think so too.

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