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[SUBS, Prime] John Wick 4 Added to Prime Video


This is just a reminder if anyone missed it. John Wick 4 added to prime video. IMDB rating of 7.7, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10366206/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk. Enjoy, thanks.

Users who wish to Block "Additions to Streaming Services" can do so by clicking on the Streaming Service Addition tag, then clicking the 3 dot menu, then clicking hide on new deals and/or front page. More info here.

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    • +17

      The stunts and action scenes are pretty great. If you appreciate real non-CGI stuntwork it's well worth the watch.

    • +24

      It's not what you said that angers me so, it's who you said it about. That's nobody is John Wick.

      • +5

        He's digging his own grave

      • +4

        He's the one we send to kill the f'in baby yaega.

    • +13

      What’s that in English?

      • Simple English maybe…

        • +2


    • +4

      master ip man being in the movie, does that count?

      • +2

        O man. I can watch any movie he is in. Legend….

      • +1

        Please don't reduce Donnie Yen to just Ip Man. He is so much more than that.

    • +2

      if it’s not your cup of tea, can’t you simply ignore the post without questioning everyone else’s existence 😅

    • +6

      Why would what what? I passed that question to GPT4 and it kicked me out

    • +3

      I watched it for its surprising insight to traditional Chinese medicine

    • +1


    • -5

      Pew Pew Pew Stab Stab Thump Pew Pew.

      Clunk, clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk,clunk, clunk .


      Now you don't have to watch it. :)

      • +3

        I've watched the first 3 movies, sounds about right lol.

      • -1

        I'm already going to watch it, no need to go for the hard-sell.

      • type type type, complain complain, sigh sigh, whine whine.

        Now you know how it's perceived. :)

        • -1

          I wasn't complaining a bit actually.
          Maybe you need to broaden your perception? :)

    • +3

      "John Wick" is popular for several reasons. It combines elements like clever action sequences, a well-constructed story, and memorable characters. The film's unique world-building, along with Keanu Reeves' charismatic performance, adds to its appeal. Additionally, the clever and stylish choreography of the action scenes sets it apart from other action movies. Overall, it's a blend of these elements that makes "John Wick" an engaging and entertaining film for many viewers.

      Thanks ChatGPT

  • Great dialogue by Keanu on this one!

    • +33


    • +3

      The whole 15 words he says in the whole movie?

      • +1

        Grunts doubt count.

    • Oh, does he actually say full sentences in this one? :D

    • +41

      It’s a white fellow shooting a bunch of folks from every culture. I think you’ll be okay.

      • +15

        Keanu is also part Chinese, part Hawaiian. He's a multi-racial fellow shooting a bunch of folks from every culture. Bringing the world together.

        • +9

          His homicidal bloodlust is very inclusive.

        • +1

          Interesting. I didn't know that. Thanks.

        • I thought you are kidding so I googled it and was surprised that this is true. Wow the man does have an interesting ancestry heritage.

    • +5

      Yeah there's a blind Chinese guy in it

    • +3

      How will you post your outrage and rant to friends and family about the woke mind virus?

    • +7

      Is this movie CCP pandering?

      No. Well kinda. In the official Chinese version John Wick is a panda.

      • The Chinese have already claimed Keanu Reeves.

  • Also on Foxtel and Binge, for those with movie packages.

    • The Binge version is 4K, however it's the incorrect framerate.

      Pondering which version to watch!

      • +1

        I'd always assumed that movies streaming on Prime were in 4K for some reason. I don't really use the Prime app much I guess.

        Watched Cocaine Bear last night on Binge, and the upgrade in picture quality in the app compared to last month just smacks you in the face (like a cocaine bear would).

  • +1

    I know it’s not everyone’s jam, but if you’re a fidelity nut, this one looks incredible on 4K disk 👌

    • I think no 4k from Prime.

      • Checked yesterday - was disappointed, no 4k

  • You need to be young to appreciate these works of art.

    • You need to be braindead to appreciate the tv miniseries.

  • +6

    In related news, Woolworths have added salt and vinegar popcorn to their inventory.

    I think I’ll post it as a deal…

    • +6

      Please do!

    • That sounds good, can you post a link to your deal post please? I could eat that while watching this!

    • -2

      I'm not up on the popcorn culture, but if it's a popular new release of flavour that was previously only available in theatres please do post that deal.

      Otherwise just block additions to subscription services 🙃

      • Fair enough. There's clearly plenty of people happy with Wicks or popcorn bargains.

        But what if that popcorn was not exclusive and was also previously available from Foxtel?

        Each to their own, but I personally don't see the bargain in listing content for paid subscription services. Happy to concede I'm in the minority and move on…

  • +5

    Just watched this last night

    The scene in the house shot from above was magical.. that shotgun thing was masterful

    • +1

      Yes, that is very well done in long sequence of uninterrupted scenes. Kind of reminding of some old time video game where you have top view looking down on your character navigating from room to room, shooting baddies.

      The only part which I think is a bit silly is him falling and rolling down that long flight of steps one too many time.

      • +1

        That was hilarious that he kept rolling down

      • 2 words "Hotline Miami"

    • +1

      He will be back!
      Studio won't let this IP died, as it keeps making money.

      • +2

        I seriously wish they wouldn't tho. It was a beautiful ending for the saga

        • Yes agreed. But studios no longer risk taking on new IP, so they will milk and milk the old IPs, unfortuntely.

      • Dont think so, maybe through flashbacks in some other spinoffs..

      • They did do the short series on prime called "The Continental" already…

    • Spoiler alert!

  • Thank you! Going to grab a six pack and order Domino's (with voucher of course)

  • 🎉👌👏🐎🤗

  • Excellent movie !

  • Without any nose bleeding this is one the few movies that shows how killer/assassin villains be protagonists. Some others e.g. no man's land, godfathers, blade runners, terminators, there will be blood, boondock saints, Mesrine: killer instinct; and public enemy #1 vincent cassal), La Haine, natural born killers, Reservoir dogs, Agent 47, Le Femme Nikita, Leon Professional, interview with the assassin, The Jackal, Jason Bournes, Scarface.
    Much better than marvel studio craps.

    • The Jackal

      Ooh added to the list.

      Recently watched The Dogs of War also based on a Frederick Forsyth novel. Good watch, with a young and very pretty Christoper Walken

    • Enemy at the Gates

  • sweet i almost forgot about this movie, seems like it was ages ago i saw it in the cinemas

  • +4

    The first one was great, but the series has steadily declined into the gutter. No different to Rambo, Rocky, Taken, The Matrix, Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few.

    I'm glad this is the last one.

    • There will be a next part

      • +1

        Just searched and saw that. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

    • As long as they don't plan to do John Wick X, I think we'll be fine!

      • Reminds me of Fast & Furious…

        • +1

          It's about FAMILY.

    • +1

      Weren't they all exactly the same? If you played a random sequence I'd have no idea which one it was from. For something like terminator I could tell you straight off.

      • +1

        Yeah I guess so. My initial post was more about destroying a good, original movie with each sequel.

        Rocky was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won three, including best picture, but it ended up being a joke. The same for First Blood; a superb movie whose reputation was destroyed through poor sequels.

        • I know what you mean. A lot of those I haven't seen too many sequels. With terminator I watched 3 and stopped. I absolutely hated the matrix and only watched the first.

    • im a big action fan and love this type of shit, I dont think I even watched the 3rd one all the way through.

  • I'm just as excited to watch this again as I was the first time in the cinema!

  • +1

    Even a mediocre John Wick is still a great ride - I definitely wasn't happy about how it ended however, it is still a great movie in its own right. 7.5/10

  • Bring on JW5!

  • Don’t watch this on Prime, no 4K available. They do this on purpose.

    • You can rent it in 4K, go for it friend!

    • Not everyone needs 4k :)

    • They do this on purpose.


      rent it in 4K

  • The Baba Yaga.

  • Donnie Yen has to be blind in this movie, otherwise the movie has to be named after him as he is too good

    • +1

      How hard is it to shoot a blind man from distance?

  • I swear the 3 month Amazon prime from MacDonalds is the best reward you can get.

    If you were to win that is.

    • or its free if you have an AMEX

    • I won that. Isn’t it expired now the monopoly is over?

      • Find out, I received 2 but took a screenshot shot, of my second code since MacDonalds does what MacDonalds wants

  • All that gun play yet no spent brass rolling around the floor :)
    Good movie though… but will there be a John Wick 5 ?

  • Am watching this now and literally can’t remember if I’ve seen it before or if it is just too similar to the older ones.

  • -1

    I didn't enjoy it at all. It's about an hour too long and it gets painfully boring as the fight scenes are a carbon copy of each other.

  • +1

    Really entertaining movie if you want action from start to end, and the dialogue…all I hear is:
    "Jonathan", "Winston", "Jonathan", "Winston", "King", "Jonathan", "Winston", "Caine", "John"

    • +1


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